Monday, August 20, 2012

Twitter client for Android. Free, ad-less, and simple.

Tweedle for Twitter

FAQ & Upcoming Features is located at the bottom of the description.

Tweedle was built out of the need for a better, cleaner, and faster Twitter client for Android. It allows the user to select whatever color scheme they can imagine, why should we be the ones to choose?
Tweedle is young, it is still growing. Although we may not have all of the features the other clients have, we are doing our best to make that possible. We take all feature requests and feedback seriously and we strive to provide the best customer service possible.

Upcoming features:
- Trending support
- Lists support
- Mute filtering
- Tablet support
- Multiple account support
- Configurable pages
- Homescreen widget

Frequently Asked Questions:
- Q: When are you going to add 'X' feature?
- A: It is on the timeline for an upcoming release.
- Q: Your translation is incorrect for 'X' language.
- A: All translations are user driven, you can update it at
- Q: How to I go to the top of the list quickly?
- A: Tap the title of the section you are on.
- Q: Why don't you have notifications?
- A: We do, they can be configured under Settings/Categories.
- Q: Why don't you have TwitLonger integration?
- A: We do, just keep typing.
- Q: I don't like how Tweedle looks, can you change 'X' to look like 'Y'?
- A: No, we follow a strict pattern.
- Q: Tweedle crashed!! FIXX ITTTT
- A: Please help improve Tweedle by sending any information associated to the crash.

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