Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Clickfree is fully featured and automatically backs up all your valuable content to Local, SD card or Multiple Cloud Storage Accounts, including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and SugarSync.

Clickfree Mobile Backup

Photos, music, videos, documents, applications, contacts and more are conveniently summarized in the built-in category viewer. Easily transfer your backed up multimedia content to an existing or new device. With Clickfree, peace of mind has never been so easy.

Root is not required!

- Backup to your SD card or multiple Cloud Accounts, including Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, Google Drive and SugarSync
- One Touch Backup: Tap” Backup Now” button, your backup launches automatically
- Auto-Backup: Automatically searches for and backs up your precious content
- Multi-Category Backup: Backs up Photos, Music, Videos, Documents, Applications, Bookmarks,
Contacts and Calendar
- Multi-Device Backup: Use the same SD card to back up multiple devices
- Category Viewer: View a summary of all backed up items
- Built in Photo Viewer: Easily view your backed up photos just like on your device
- Space Management: Automatic calculation of space required for backup/restore
- Easy Restore: Restore all backed up content to the original location with just two easy taps
- Easy Transfer: Your backed up multimedia content can be easily transferred to a new device

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