Friday, August 3, 2012

Ask your friends, Ask the world!


Formvote is a fun and simple way to ask questions through text, pictures and videos. Simply post your question and provide options for your friends and the world to vote on.

On our network, all votes are anonymous so you can expect honest feedback. The official Formvote app for Android makes it easy to keep up with the world's questions, give your friends answers and discuss on the go.


Pictures: Make your posts more personal by uploading pictures to be used along with your questions and/or options.

Videos: Watch and/or compare YouTube videos right from your Android.

Messages: Privately message friends and Formvoters worldwide.

Discussions: Discuss posts with friends and people from around the world.

Voting: Votes are anonymous so be as honest as you'd like.

Friends' Posts: Keep track of what your friends are asking.

Public Posts: Expand your horizons and keep track of what the world is asking.

Ask Away.

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