Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mutely is a handy app to set a timer when we sleep, take a nap, watch a film, start a important conversation, cook spaghetti, etc.


You can turn your phone in silent mode for important moment but being notify for important calls & text thanks to "Excluded Contacts"

Offering an intuitive & nice UI, one can quickly start a timer in 1-click via home screen widget or app's screen.

It also support preset timers.

Mutely timer

Mutely Timer includes a duration, On Start Settings & On Stop Settings:
☆ On Start Settings: defines what settings will be toggled when a timer starts.
For example, turn ringer off or turn airplane mode on. When turns ring off, you can exclude some contacts that are important and you don't
want to miss their calls.
☆ On Stop Settings: defines what happened when timer finishes. Typically, an alarm with a louder sound is played.

Create a Mutely timer
☆ Select a duration: touch on the hand and rotate. Duration is shown on top and three different levels is switched.
☆ Toggle 'On Start Settings' & 'On Stop Settings' to enable/disable timer start configuration & stop behavior
☆ Tap on 'Start' to start timer
☆ Tap on 'Stop' to stop timer

Add Mutely timers to preset
☆ Tap on preset on main screen, then '+' button
☆ Change default settings
☆ Tap on "save" button to add new timer

Add a Mutely timer to home screen widget
☆ Long-click on home screen
☆ Select Mutely
☆ Select a preset timer

From a widget, you can start/stop a timer

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