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Super Simple Smart No Non-Sense Location Based Alerting "Green" App
Create reminders with ease, stay at peace while LocKIE Buzzr will stay tuned for your buzzes. LocKIE Buzzr allows users "Key In Easy" reminders/alerts/alarms/notes/tags and Buzzes at the right location, time with your custom tune or even own voice. You can tag reminder items with of a combination of speech note, text, images for recall. Intuitive UX combines location tagging, making reminders a breeze to use / capture. Enables rich customization and efficient organization of alarms. Now you got it - create reminders with ease, stay at peace while LocKIE does the rest.


* Create alerts/reminders/alarms for a date/time - multiple dates/times/time zones with the same description can also be created e.g., Mar 17/9.30am, Mar24/4.44pm, Apr 11/6.23pm
* Create Location-only alerts/reminders e.g., "when I am nearby Starbucks, remind me …"
* Create combination alerts/reminders/alarms which are relevant at a particular place/location, date/time, time zone e.g., "next time I am in SOHO/NY any time after 4pm, remind me about checking out the happy hours at … "
* Enable Repetition: daily, weekly, monthly etc.
* Use this app for creating your own notes in text, images, voice notes tied to a particular location/date/time
* Tag Favorite Locations for quick recall, reuse
* You can configure geo-fence for location e.g., within 50m, 100m …
* Choose your custom tone/tune from your tune library
* Use your own speech note or voice note as the reminder tune
* Tag selected images from your image gallery, Tag voice notes to your reminders, Tag a combination of text/images/voice notes …
* Create custom personal folders to organize your alerts/reminders/notes/tags
Stay tuned for … MANY MANY MORE …
* Missed Alerts (similar to Missed calls) listing - in case you have missed them because you were away from your device/battery was down/in flight …
* Create Alerts within groups, coordinate your activities within groups with ease …
* Secure Cloud backup for all your LocKIE data - carry, access from anywhere, any device, any time …
* Personalize: Using your own images or part of an image as folder icons
* Choose animations along with tone/tune
* Choose from a variety of themes
* Choose icons from a huge catalog of icons which you can access from within the app
* Create Alerts like Playback of Selected Songs, Playlists …
* Instant Capture of image/video with simultaneous voice or text
* Templates for quick & easy entry e.g., for groceries, travel related reminders, alerts
* Places of Interest Near By, Check-Ins, Friends Near Me
* Indoor Alerts : Create alerts for places within malls, airports, floors, areas of buildings, … with accurate locationing/positioning
* Subscribe for Auto-Alerts on deals nearby, passer by freebies, check-in coupons of the moment …



Android-app for one of the best GTD online services
Smthngs is the best way to add, organize and share your tasks in your Android smartphone. It based on classical Getting Things Done (GTD) methods, which were improved and rethought.
• It has a simple and understandable interface, that works perfectly even for users, that have never heard anything about GTD.
• Smthngs works both in online and offline modes. When Internet is on, all your tasks and data are stored in remote servers, in «the cloud». When connection aborts, data is stored locally (it will transfer automatically when connection regains).
• You can be registered in an app.
• You may share your tasks with your friends or collaborates — they can get to business in a few clicks. This option is coming soon.
• We improve that app every day and every night.

Smthngs has a lot of other possibilities and advantages — just try it. Thumbs up and rock'n'roll!
There are still some features available in web version which are not yet implemented in Android version:
• Edit task's tags
• Edit Start and Due reminders
• Edit geolocations
• Sharing
We're actively working to bring theese features to Android.

App for Bathroom Singer


Songify turns speech into music automatically!

Just speak into your Android device, and Songify will magically turn your speech into a song. Join the over 9 million people worldwide addicted to Songify!

Songify is the official app of the Gregory Brothers, creators of the AutoTune The News series on YouTube, and other viral video hits like “Bed Intruder Song”, “Can’t Hug Every Cat”, “Double Rainbow”, and “Winning!”

Songify has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, MSNBC, The Guardian, Washington Post, Mashable, and more!

“The very definition of fun!” - The New York Times

"Turns your speech into song!" David Pogue, CBS

"Don't you want to be famous too?" Blake Grundman, 148apps

“Clever and fun!” - AppAdvice

"Songify is just the type of app for which smartphones were made." - Appolicious

Songify yourself with these popular tracks!

* Bed Intruder

* Can’t Hug Every Cat

* Double Rainbow

* Winning

* …and many more!

Songify’s unique songification technology was invented by Smule to turn speech into music and is not the same as Antares Auto-Tune, which does not work on speech.



Reason: We use this to create a unique identifier for each device so we can keep track of the coin balance and songs each user has purchased and re-instate current purchases if he or she deletes the app and re-installs. We are currently evaluating other options for this to see if there is a way to offer the same functionality without requiring this.


We need this permission for the ringtone creation feature.

Suruk - Digital Auto/Taxi Meter

Digital Auto/Taxi Meter

Do you commute by auto rickshaws or taxis often? If yes, Suruk is for you.
Suruk meters your rides and lets you know the correct fare so that you can find out if a meter is tampered with or not.

You can rate the ride as well as get the Suruk community rating for a particular vehicle before deciding to board that.

If you want to know the correct route to your destination, you can use Suruk's route finder.
In short, Suruk is the app to have for any commuter of hired rides.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Men In Black III. Save the World, Kill the Alien

Men In Black III

The official game of Men in Black 3, putting players in charge of the agency.

We are the best-kept secret in the universe. We are Earth’s best, last, and only line of defense. We are above the system. Over it. Beyond it. We are "them". We are "they". We are the Men in Black.
Agent, humanity is in danger! The vile Radiant has arrived on Earth and he must be stopped now.
For the first time ever, you will be in charge of the MIB agency, but don’t worry, Agent O, Agent K and Frank will help you to run the agency and fight against this new threat to mankind.

Good luck.

• Train your agents and assign them to missions
• Access a wide range of MIB weapons and gadgets like the Neuralyzer, the Deatomizer and the infamous Noisy Cricket.
• Build dozens of different rooms to upgrade your weapons and develop your agency.

• Travel in time to fight aliens in different areas of New York including Brooklyn, Times Square, and Central Park
• Utilize your agent’s futuristic weapons and equipment
• Meet dozens of aliens faithfully inspired by the Men in Black universe

• Invite your friends from Gameloft LIVE! & Facebook to play
• Ask for your friends’ help during fights to defeat powerful aliens
• Visit your friends’ headquarters and get rewarded for lending a hand

MEN IN BLACK™ 3, in theaters May 25th, 2012. In Men in Black 3, Agents J and K are back... in time. J has seen some inexplicable things in his 15 years with the Men in Black, but nothing, not even aliens, perplexes him as much as his wry, reticent partner. But when K's life and the fate of the planet are at stake, Agent J will have to travel back in time to put things right. J discovers that there are secrets to the universe that K never told him -- secrets that will reveal themselves as he teams up with the young Agent K to save his partner, the agency, and the future of humankind.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Highly customizable, performance driven, home screen replacement for Android 4.0+

Features include:
Scrollable Dock (for Tablets and Phones)
Keep all your favorite apps on the dock, with up to 7 icons per page and up to 3 pages.
Customizable App Drawer:
  Scrolling style, choose between horizontal paginated or vertical continuous
Scroll Effects
Enjoy eye candy when scrolling your desktop and drawer. Effects include Cube and Cardstack and more for Prime users.
Infinite Scroll
Never be far from your favorite page, loop through your desktop continuously.
Folder Icons
You can chose a background, preview style or even replace the whole icon.
Export your settings and layout before a wipe to quickly get back up and running.
Widgets in dock
Add any 1x1 widget to the dock
Bulk Add
Add multiple apps to the desktop or a folder at once
Activities shortcut
Select hidden activities from your favorite apps
*Nova Launcher Prime Features (Paid version)*
Highly customizable, performance driven, home screen replacement for Android 4.0+
Nova Launcher Prime unlocks the following features in Nova Launcher:
Drawer Groups:
Folders in App Drawer
Unlimited custom tabs
Organize apps into tabs and folders in the app drawer
Quickly start Nova Actions or Apps from gestures on the desktop, such as pinching, swiping or two-finger swiping.
Hide Apps
Keep a clutter free drawer by hidding never used apps.
Dock Swipes
Get more use out of your dock apps by setting swipe-actions
Unread Counts
Never miss an email. Unread count badges for SMS, Missed calls and Gmail. Counts show in the dock, desktop, drawer and folders.
More Scroll Effects
Internet/Network State/Wifi State: Optional & Anonymous error/usage reporting. Download of opt-in Beta updates.
Directly call phone numbers: Only used if you place a direct-dial shortcut on the homescreen.
Wallpaper/Vibrate/Status Bar/Choose Widgets: Standard Launcher functions
USB (SD) Storage: Backup/restore and beta updates

Monday, May 28, 2012

Advanced Bill Splitter - Split your bills! The free and easy way :)

Split your bills! The free and easy way :) You'll NEVER regret downloading this!

Advanced Bill Splitter

Very useful when you go out with your friends and don't want to calculate the bills using a calculator, you can just pass around the phone for people to choose the items they ate/bought/shared.

Other than bill splitting you can use this application to do:
- Tax calculation (Percentage based)
- Discount calculation (Percentage based)

Basic functionailities
- Tips calculation
- Tax calculation
- Items discounts
- Equal bill splitting
- Unequal bill splitting (super sleek! the best out there)
- SMS overall bill
- Local currencies support *NEW*
- Edit items (long-press an item to edit) *NEW*

If there are any errors please email me before posting a review I will try my best to fix it.
Before adding a review please consider this, if you don't want to name an item or a person just leave it blank. if you just want to split equally just add the whole amount as an item. These kind of things are meant to be self discovery humans are clever beings please give ample time to test out the app before reviewing. Any bugs please email and give a grace period of 5 days for a fix before reviewing. Thank you.
Feedbacks, comments, errors and suggestions can be emailed to
If you would like to help translate this app to support other languages email me as well! Thanks all and enjoy!

Improve your foreign language with "Listen & Speak".

Listen & Speak

Improve your foreign language with "Listen & Speak". FREE.
You learn a foreign language and have difficulty understanding live speech?
Not enough time for a speaking practice with a teacher?
You have enough free time, but nobody near who could verify the correctness of your speech?
We offer to transform your device in a foreign language teacher.
Here we use a method when templates (patterns) of studied language should be read, understood, listened, and pronounced sequentially. The application then allows listening to both the sample and your speech to analyze your pronunciation. You can also use an option to recognize your speech for automatic comparing to the sample and calculating an estimation of success.

✓ You can learn practically ANY language, even several ones at the same time
✓ You can PRACTICE when you have some time for it, even on the GO
✓ You can easily import NEW THEMES, even create them by yourself

Please find details of using this unique app here:

Download FREELY additional themes (English, Spanish, French, ...) here:

NEW since the version 1.2!
The easiest way to install or update these themes is using the menu «Install» on the tab «Themes».

Note: If you use functions based on internet services (like, recognition service, Microsoft translation service) please keep in mind that their quality strongly depends on the quality of internet connection.

- Record audio from the microphone in a file

- For "Earpiece output" mode

- Provide the ads
- Access to the translation service
- Access to the speech recognition service

- Process an incoming phone call to avoid an interference of a learning speech to the phone conversation

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Yahoo! Cricket

Yahoo! Cricket

All the cricket scores, schedules, news, photos you need from Yahoo! Cricket

Yahoo! Cricket is the best place to enjoy (and not just follow) the game of cricket on the web, and now you can do that on your Android device too. This app comes with a slew of features and user-friendly interactions not seen on any cricket app for Android yet.

Here are some of them:
1. A quick look at all the live scores of matches currently happening.
2. A very interactive scorecard. Browse through the batting line-up to know about partnerships, who got out when, and who is coming up next.
3. Provides users with various ways of enjoying a cricket match – from the basic scores, all the way up to a detailed ball-by-ball commentary
4. View specially created photo galleries showing the latest from the world of cricket.
5. Read all the latest news articles on the game.
6. A simple way to browse through results of completed matches, and to know schedules of upcoming matches.
7. Browse through all international teams and players

jetAudio Music Player

jetAudio Music Player

jetAudio is a music player with BBE/BBE ViVA/Wide/Reverb/X-Bass and 10 band EQ

jetAudio for Windows is the highest rated and most downloaded media player on CNET.COM and, now you can listen to same high-quality sound on your Android phone using jetAudio.

It plays almost any type of digital music files you have (.wav, .mp3, .ogg, .flac, .m4a, .mpc, .tta, .wv, .ape, .mod, .spx and more) and, it provides a very high quality sound with various effects and enhancements such as BBE, BBE ViVA, Wide, Reverb, X-Bass.

It comes with 32 equalizer presets that will provide a wide array of listening experience.

For those who would like to customize their own sound experience, it also allows 10 bands graphic equalizer and other advanced playback functions including playback speed control, crossfading, AGC and much more.

Basic version provides same features with Plus version except BBE/BBE ViVA and advertisements.

To enjoy full, unlimited sound effects, please purchase Plus version.
(Plus version will be available soon)
* BBE, BBE ViVA hi-def sound effects (Plus only)

BBE restores brilliance and clarity to sound, and BBE ViVA widen the stereo sound field
01. 10-bands graphic equalizer with 32 presets
02. Wide, Reverb, X-Bass sound effects
03. AGC (automatic gain control) to avoid volume fluctuations between tracks
04. Speed control from 0.5x to 2.0x (pitch adjusted)
05. Crossfading, Gap-less playback
06. Fade-in/Fade-out
07. Browser and play music by artits, albums, songs, playlists and folders
08. Balance/Volume control
09. Sleep timer up to 24 hours
10. Flick up to post what you're listening to on Facebook/Twitter
11. Flick down to show Now Playing
12. Flick left/right to play next/previous
13. Supporting formats:
MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, M4A, MPC, TTA, WV, APE, MOD (module formats S3M, IT), SPX, AIFF

Friday, May 25, 2012

Google+: A Slick New Version

Share and keep up with people no matter where you are.

1. Turn on Instant Upload to sync photos from your phone to a private Google+ album
2. Video chat with up to 9 friends with mobile Hangouts in Messenger
3. Chat with a friend or all your friends at once with Messenger
4. Check out the What’s Hot stream to see trending topics
5. View the Nearby stream to see what people near your location are saying

A) Upload videos from your phone
B) Hashtag support
C) Upload 250 photos to a post

Evertale: Map Your Life's Journey

This app can only be used if you have an account on Evertale is a tool that maps your life’s journey. Evertale works in the background, through your Android phone, and automatically collects the content of your day. You can then relive every day of your life at Follow your path again to see where you’ve been and the things you’ve done, shown in the very place that they happened.

Flick Note

Flick Note

Full featured Simplenote syncing plain text notepad.

A full featured Simplenote syncing notepad application.

Keep your notes synced between your phone and your computer.

Paid version available with todo list support, widgets, and no ads.

A) Full syncing with Simplenote, view your notes from any device
B) Full split pane tablet support with swipe gestures between views
C) Instant convert note to HTML using MultiMarkdown as you type (tablet)
D) Quick search/filter bar at the top of every view
E) Password protect your account or specific notes
F) Get notifications when a shared note is modified
G) Custom fonts and colors
H) Drag and drop to-do lists (paid version)
I) Scrollable widgets (paid version)

To do:
1. Dropbox Sync
2. Backup notes to SD card

Personal Information (read contact data): Used to display auto-complete suggestions when entering tags
Your accounts section: Flick Note integrates with the Accounts & Sync section for background syncing notes to Simplenote

System Tools (write sync settings): Allows Flick Note to change the update interval of it's accounts

Call Log Calender

Call Log Calender

Call Log Calendar Free saves your call log and SMS to your device's calendar (and Google Calendar).

You can select which type of calls to save and the calendar to save calls in.

Differences from "Call Log Calendar" paid version:
1. automatic saving is not available
2. gps/network location for the calls are not available

Purchase full version to have those extra functionalities and support developer.

Known issues (important):
A) There are a few reports of problems when using with Exchange calendars (please contact developer if you are able to cooperate with debugging this problem).
B) It is not possible to edit calendar events using HTC Sense 3.0 (reported by one user).
C) SMS saving is known to not work on most HTC phones. (multiple reports from users).
D) Syncing with Outlook provided by some phones is known to suddenly stop syncing and recovers after some time (multiple reports from users).

Wednesday, May 23, 2012



Use 76 customisable photo effects and 57 frames in any combination, to create retro/vintage styles, LOMO/Diana/Holga toy camera styles, Polaroid/instant camera styles and much more.

Plus cross-process, duotone, charcoal, tilt-shift, photo-booth, double-exposure effects and more.

Vignette is also a full-featured camera application:
01. Take pictures at your camera’s full resolution, even with effects (paid version only)
02. Use the flash and front-facing cameras on most devices
03. Self-timer, time-lapse and steady-shot modes
04. Digital 10× zoom
05. Store location data in pictures (geotag)
06. Use the volume rocker as a shutter button
07. Launch from the lock screen in Android 4.0+
08. Remote shutter with Sony Ericsson LiveView
09. Time- and date-stamp pictures
10. Rule-of-thirds and golden ratio composition guides
11. Share pictures via third-party apps

Vignette does not require an internet connection to process pictures like some apps, and does not upload your pictures to a central server like Instagram. Your pictures do not leave your phone until you choose to share them.

Camera360:Art in Your Hand.


Camera360 is a worldwide popular camera app for Phone, and ever pointed as one of TOP 100 technology products by PC World. With its simple operations, fantastic effects, and fluent UE, Camera360 won support and favor from more than 20 million fans in every corner on the earth within just one year. Camera360 finally leads fashion of phone photography’s development.

V3.0 is nearly a new birth of Camera360. It brings such surprises as
Front camera is available, and can work full screen on phone with high resolution;

New UI—make operations easier;
New photo processing engine—speed up photo shooting and processing;
New interfaces of effects selection and scene camera—much easier to select effect and switch to scene camera;
New management of photos—classify ‘MY PHOTOS’ by date, and you can find what you want quickly;
New share function—make share easier and more wonderful;
We insist that we should remember our beautiful life moments in an easy and fast way with amazing photos.

Monday, May 21, 2012



What's that song? Identify it FAST with SoundHound.

Unlimited music recognition! With the world's fastest music recognition and exclusive singing search, SoundHound is instant music search and discovery.

★ Reviews and Honors for SoundHound ★
Your top 10 Android Apps - "I love this app… unique in its class.”
-Jessica Dolcourt, CNET, July 2011

The Best Android Apps – “There’s no limit.”
-John Herrman, Gizmodo, April 2010

Top 10 Must-Have Android Apps
-Bob Tedeschi, NY Times, November 2010

Best Music Engagement App
- BILLBOARD Music App Awards, October 2010

"Genius, isn't it?" - B.B.C. World Radio

"This is amazing... insane, right?"
-David Pogue of the NY Times

SoundHound includes:
♪ The world's fastest music recognition: name tunes playing from a speaker in as little as four seconds. Unlimited usage!
♪ The world's only viable singing and humming recognition
♪ Song Previews
♪ Lyrics
♪ LiveLyrics (in the U.S. and Canada): see Lyrics in time with the music for music recognition!
♪ Music Videos
♪ Share to Facebook and Twitter instantly
♪ Geo-tagging, buy links, and more...

Get SoundHound ∞ to go ad-free and enjoy more features

Note: Location is used to store where songs were discovered. It can be disabled from the Options menu.

Tags: Sound Hound Music Sing Song ID Tag

Explanation of requested permissions:
Used to record audio for both music and voice search.

Used to ensure optimal audio recording settings.

Used to enhance search results and remember where a search took place, which is displayed through
History. This can be disabled in app settings.

Used to communicate with servers for search results and other content.

Used to mute SoundHound audio when receiving phone calls.

Used to cache data.

Used to notify when search results are ready.

Used to allow usage through WI-FI.

Used to detect when internet access is available.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio

Browse and listen to radio -- live, local and global.

TuneIn is a free way to listen to music, sports and news from every corner of the earth, with over 60,000 radio stations and 2 million on-demand programs.

"TuneIn Radio rises to the top among streaming music apps" – GigaOM

"With more than 30m active users, TuneIn Radio is regularly cited as one of the success stories of the apps era." -The Guardian

With TuneIn Radio, you can:
1. Pause and rewind any station
2. Add stations, songs, and shows to your presets
3. Wake up with the alarm clock or fall asleep with the sleep timer
4. Plays in the background while you use other apps

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gesture Search

Gesture Search

Search your Android phone by drawing gestures on the touch screen.

Gesture Search lets you quickly find a contact, a bookmark, an application, or a music track on your device by drawing on the screen. Search results are updated as you add each letter or digit and becomes better by learning from your search history.



This is a simple pedometer app that you can record the total steps, walking distance and consumed calories each day.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chalk Ball

Chalk Ball Lite

Draw lines, hit others and don't let your ball fall.

A new concept of bouncing game. Use your finger to draw with chalk, but be careful, it will not last for long. Make your ball hit other ones to recover chalk and don't let it fall. Easy to learn, hard to master!

Chalk ball has two different game modes, adventures and survival.

In Adventure there are lots of exciting scenarios with different characteristics, you travel to find and hit the star. Start with The easy way or follow Nautilus in Two leagues under the sea.

Get the pro version for more adventures and new balls:
1. Chasing Badball
2. Geometry Abduction
3. Small Strokes
4. Zero-G

In Survival you "just" have to survive while balls keep appearing. Don't let our ball drop and keep collecting points as long as you can. 

There are four levels of difficulty from easy to insane and lots of achievements to unlock.
Do you have ninja reflex? 

Can you make enough points to become a Jedi Knight? 

What about managing a swarm of balls? 

Who will be the first to become a Pill Master?

See your global ranking or just compete with your friends using ScoreLoop or Open Feint.

Inspired in all time classics like pong, break the blocks and pinball. Designed for today touch devices.

Kongregate Arcade

Kongregate Arcade

630+ free games & new titles added weekly. Earn badges, compare scores.

1. 630+ games for free, with more added each week
2. Challenge your friends to compete for high scores in hundreds of games
3. Collect exclusive, mobile-only badges on top titles
4. Share and review game ratings and comments with community
5. Exchange messages & wall posts with your Kongregate friends
6. Fully integrated with Kongregate web accounts
7. Available on any device running Android 2.2 or higher and Flash 10.1 or higher
8. XPERIA PLAY optimized

Friday, May 18, 2012

wp clock

wp clock

make your device look fantastic with wp clock 2 - the beautiful live wallpaper!

make your android device look fantastic with wp clock 2 - the beautiful typographic live wallpaper!

this stylish design live wallpaper clock will display a lot of useful informations directly on your home screen:
1. time, date, month, year and week or day of the year;
2. wifi / wlan (SSID) & telephony provider with signal strength and network type (like umts, hsdpa, lte, 3g, edge)
3. battery status in % with charging icon
4. current weather and temperature (celsius or fahrenheit and weather condition)

wp clock 2 is now highly customizable and optimized for most tablets and mobile phones - especially for honeycomb and ice cream sandwich (ics)! it supports portrait & landscape orientation as well as animated background images and slide shows *. start the stand alone * version and convert your android tablet to a stylish typo watch!

this animated hd live wallpaper is a must-have for all fans of beautiful design and fancy typography!
some features of the live wallpaper are disabled by default and may be unlocked via in-app purchase. please try the included one hour full functionality demo before you buy or just become a wp clock fan on facebook and periodically get free codes to unlock paid features! :-)
unlike the the most animated live wallpapers wp clock does not drain the battery - it is super optimized in order to save power.
visit our server to download wonderfully designed and especially optimized for mobile phones high quality 3D flags of your country and create a patriotic theme! browse the library to find many other professional background photos!

go to -> settings -> appearance -> time -> toggle 'fit to screen' YES/NO to make the time font fit to screen!
more paid features:
01. adjustable battery indicator
02. highly optimized for longer battery life
03. promotional code support
04. background image cropping tool (for OS 2.3.3+)
05. text animations
06. adjustable vertical position
07. save settings as presets
08. free adjustable colors, opacity & outlines for each element
09. multiple language support



Use words to their fullest potential: Embiggen them!

At a bar, at the library, in class, even in the comfort of your own home. Just type in a word or phrase and watch as small words become big words on your phone's screen. No word is too small to embiggen!

101 ways to use Embiggen:
1. Tell that girl across the room she's cute, or ask the guy at the library for his phone number!
2. Pick a fight with someone on the bus without saying a word!
3. Command your literate dog to fetch your slippers!
4. and 98 others!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012



The "MUST-HAVE" app for the enlightened public, enjoy TED speeches with "TED Air" and share it with friends.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. The TED Conference has been held annually since 1984 with the motto, "Ideas Worth Spreading". Enjoy 18 minutes of magic with each TED talk from inspirational speakers such as Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Jamie Oliver and Brian Cox.
We are sharing TED Air to help spread TED content throughout the world. You can quickly find TED talks through a fast and powerful search engine and enjoy subtitles in over 80 languages.

TED Air Features:
1. Fast search functionality.
2. Find talks by theme, tag, or category through a search box on the upper-right hand corner.
3. Subtitles in over 80 languages with auto-translation, or shown in English by default.
4. Can also be used to study a foreign language through accurate subtitle synchronization.
5. If you find a particular idea worth spreading, you can easily share it with friends by clicking on a name.
6. Save on data fees by downloading the videos straight to your device, or simply bookmark them in TED Air.

Future Updates:
1. One TED a Day: Each day we recommend a must-see TED video. Don’t miss the ideas that are changing the world.
2. Share your comments on each TED talk with people around the world.
3. We provide all of great speeches and lectures by TEDx, Open Courseware and Youtube. TED Air would be the only mobile application you can search them at one time.

AnkiDroid Flashcards

AnkiDroid Flashcards

Memorize anything efficiently with AnkiDroid!

Many free decks available.

Memorize anything with AnkiDroid!

AnkiDroid lets you learn flashcards very efficiently by showing them just before you will forget. It is fully compatible with the spaced repetition software Anki (including synchronization), which is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Study all sorts of things wherever and whenever you want. Make good use of idle times on bus trips, in supermarket queues or any other waiting situation!
Create your own flashcard decks or download free decks compiled for many languages and topics (more than 6000 available).

Add material through the desktop application Anki or directly through Ankidroid. The application even supports adding material automatically from a dictionary!

Key features:
1. supported flashcard contents: text, images, sounds, LaTeX
2. spaced repetition (supermemo 2 algorithm)
3. text-to-speech integration
4. more than 6000 premade decks
5. three widgets
6. detailed statistics
7. syncing with AnkiWeb
8. open source

Additional features:
1.   write answers (optional)
2.   whiteboard
3.   card editor/adder
4.   card browser
5.   import existing collection files (via Anki Desktop)
6.   dictionary integration (ColorDict, GoldenDict,, Aedict, diverse web dictionaries)
7.   add cards by intent from other applications like dictionaries
8.   custom font support
9.   review in widget
10. full backup system
11. navigation by swipe, tap, shake
12. fully customisable
13. limit studying by tag, time or cards
14. cram mode
15. night mode
16. zeemote support
17. three different ui-themes
18. 27 localisations



Wolfram|Alpha: Get answers. Access expert knowledge. Wherever you are.

Remember the Star Trek computer? It's finally happening--with Wolfram|Alpha. Building on 25 years of development led by Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram|Alpha has rapidly become the world's definitive source for instant expert knowledge and computation.

Across thousands of domains--with more continually added--Wolfram|Alpha uses its vast collection of algorithms and data to compute answers and generate reports for you.

Parts of Wolfram|Alpha are used in the Apple Siri Assistant; this app gives you access to the full power of the Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine.

Domains covered by Wolfram|Alpha include:

Elementary Math
Discrete Math
Number Theory
Applied Math
Logic Functions

Descriptive Statistics
Statistical Distributions
Electricity & Magnetism
Nuclear Physics
Quantum Physics
Particle Physics
Statistical Physics
Physical Constants

Chemical Thermodynamics
Protecting Groups

Bulk Materials

Electric Circuits
Fluid Mechanics
Steam Tables

Star Charts
Astronomical Events
Minor Planets
Space Weather
Star Clusters

Tide Data

Animals & Plants
DNA Sequence Lookup
Human, Mouse & Fruit Fly Genomes
Metabolic Pathways

Cellular Automata
Substitution Systems
Turing Machines
Computational Complexity
Algebraic Codes
Image Processing
Dimensional Analysis
Industrial Measures
Bulk Materials

Date Computations
Time Zones
Geological Time

Current & Historical Weather
Wind Chill

Elevation Data

Political Leaders
Historical Events, Periods & Countries
Historical Numerals & Money

Video Games
Fictional Characters
Television Networks & Programs

Musical Notes
Audio Waveforms

Word Properties
Dictionary Lookup
Word Puzzles
Document Length
Morse Code
Number Names

Card Games
Color Names & Systems
Color Addition

Stock Data
Mutual Funds
Present Value
Currency Conversion
Derivatives Valuation
Sales Tax

US States
US Counties
Cost of Living
Health Care
Social Statistics

Body Measurements
Growth Charts
Mortality Data
Medical Test Data
Drug Data


International Education
School Districts
Public Schools
Standardized Tests

International Organizations

Flight Data
Road Transport
Gasoline Prices

Space Probes

Website Data
IP Lookup
Notable Computers
Data Transfer
Port Numbering
String Processing
Unicode Lookup

imo instant messenger

imo instant messenger

Chat on all your IM accounts - Skype, Facebook Messenger, MSN, AIM and more!

With imo instant messenger, it’s easy to stay in touch with friends on your existing IM accounts on Facebook Messenger, Google Talk, Skype, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), ICQ/AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber, and Myspace,, Hyves.

All permissions are explained at the end of the description (please read).

imo messenger is free and doesn't use your sms or minutes. You do need internet access, over wifi or a data plan (3G preferred but works well on Edge also).

1.  Super fast and reliable messaging (much faster than SMS)

2.  Clean, simple and easy to use interface

3.  No need to create an account with imo

4.  Link all your existing IM accounts for easy login

5.  Very efficient on battery and network resources

6.  High quality voice calls

7.  Voice IMs (fast voice messages) turn your phone into a walkie-talkie

8.  Group messaging (super simple creation: add as many friends as you want to a group from any protocol and start chatting)

9.   Group photo sharing (share pictures with a whole group)

10. Multimedia attachments - audio, video, files

11. Chat history with lightning fast letter-by-letter search

12. Concurrent sessions on different devices and the web at (messages automatically sync and alert in a smart way)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wondershare Player

Wondershare Player

All-in-one media player to "Discover latest videos to watch online & offline"

Wondershare Player is an all-in-one Video Player & Video Discovery to "Discover latest videos to watch online & offline", no need for other players or codecs.

1. Discover Latest Online Videos
We pick and recommend you the most recent and hottest videos from other entertaining sites. You can view and download videos from various platforms, such as YouTube, Vevo and Hulu freely. It is a better way to search, discover and watch Movies, TV full episodes, hottest Music Videos and funny videos clips within one app.

2. Watch Videos Later
Sometimes, you may be interrupted suddenly when you are enjoying a movie; or frustrated by the network connection. Now, don't be upset, you can add it in the "Watch Later" Queue, to watch it later without a data plan.

3. Best Video Player for Android
Wondershare Player plays smoothly without any problem no matter the codec or format.
It plays FLV, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV, RM, RMVB, ASF, M2TS, MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, etc.
It supports subtitles embedded video files, supports subtitles as SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass), SAMI(.smi/.sami), SubRip(.srt), MicroDVD(.sub/.txt), SubViewer2.0(.sub), MPL2(.mpl/.txt), PowerDivX(.psb/.txt), TMPlayer(.txt).
It plays DVD folders from SD card directly with DVD menu navigation.
It supports continuous playback and can automatically remember your last played position.

Cosmos PrivacyScan+JunkCleaner+BatterySaver


Battery Saver, Junk Cleaner, and Privacy Scanner – enjoy all these in one app!
Cosmos™ for Smartphones is an all-in-one optimization tool for your Android smartphone. It has three powerful modules to help you save your smartphone’s battery, clean junk data, and protect your privacy!

Battery Optimizer: Battery Optimizer helps you manage your Android smartphone’s battery life with just one tap! The Battery Optimizer’s advanced battery saving algorithm monitors your smartphone’s battery consumption, juice-draining components, and automatically adjusts the system settings. It offers three different battery optimization profiles to help you control the battery discharge speed on your smartphone. You can switch between Balanced, Power Saver, and Extreme profiles depending upon the amount of battery left on your smartphone.

Trash Cleaner: Trash Cleaner helps you free up storage space on your Android smartphone by cleaning junk accumulated by installed/running applications. Trash Cleaner seamlessly cleans application cache, browser history, and call history with just one tap!

Privacy Scanner: Privacy Scanner scans your Android smartphone and provides you a comprehensive list of potential privacy issues. This helps you assess the amount of information/permission you are providing to each application on your smartphone.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012



Sanity greatly improves your experience during phone calls!

Sanity makes your phone calls better, easier and healthy. Sanity is your personal assistant to:
1.  audio record your phone calls in mpeg4, 3gpp or amr format (also automatically)
2.  announce caller and SMS: speak the caller's name when receiving a call or a message using the synthesized voice (text to speech)
3.  block unwanted calls and SMS: automatically refuse incoming calls and SMS filtering out the phone number (include or exclude anonymous and/or unknown numbers, favourites, contacts and groups; enable the block by choosing date and time); advanced: choose between different block methods to confuse the caller!
4.  auto answer: automatically answer the call when phone is ringing by choosing phone numbers, date and time and if respond only when using headphones.
5.  urgent calls: choose what phone numbers your phone will ring or vibrate also when it's in silent mode
6.  automatic speakerphone: automatically turn on/off the handsfree when the phone is far/close to your ear
7.  outgoing anonymous calls: make private calls by hiding your caller ID (also automatically by filtering the phone numbers to call)
8.  reduce electromagnetic waves: automatically turn on/off wifi, bluetooth, GPS and mobile data (2G/3G) when you speak at your phone
9.  choose different volume levels during calls: one for normal calling, loud handsfree, wired heasets volume and bluetooth headsets volume
10. automatic bluetooth headsets: automatically enable bluetooth for a limited time when the call starts
11. timeouts for restoring silent mode and airplane mode: just enable the silent/aiplane mode (in any way) and Sanity will ask you how much time to stay in that mode
12. vibrate the phone when the call begins and when the call ends.
13. fast sms: displays the received SMS allowing you to respond immediately.

Sanity uses proximity sensor for turning on/off automatically the antennas and the handsfree when the phone is close to your ear.

In this way, Sanity can make your calls healthier by lowering the electromagnetic fields.

It can be also useful while you're driving car: throught automatic handsfree, the headsets are no longer needed.

Most of Sanity features are configurable through the most advanced phone number filter: choose whether to activate a function for all numbers or for anonymous numbers, unknown numbers, contacts (all or some), favorite contacts, contact groups and also filter by prefix number.

Imagine what you can do with Sanity... For example, when you walk or ride your bike while listening to music, you can receive a call, then Sanity will tell you who's calling, and then it will automatically answer the call: all that without touching or looking at the phone!

Sanity is light, small and very fast.

Sanity is a free software, opensource, released under GNU Public License version 3.

NOTE: automatic mobile data and GPS switches work on many phone models but not on all! Android SDK hasn't functions for enabling/disabling mobile data and GPS, so that Sanity uses undocumented functions!
Be careful: if you use Sanity by enabling and disabling Wifi too much times in few seconds, it couldn't restore the Wifi state (it's normal).

Now the simple instructions for UNINSTALLING can be found in the first page of the application (in older versions such info were in the "About and contacts" section).

A lot of stupid people leave comments like "it won't uninstall" but they are wrong! They don't read the uninstall instructions.



Get your friends your biggest videos and high-res pictures without having to resize or reduce the quality.
With SoShare for Android, there are no limits on sends, file size or quality, and it’s all for free*.

Take pictures and videos directly with SoShare, or choose any that are already on your phone, and send them to friends using their email addresses or by adding them to custom groups.

Receive and download pictures or videos, and get comments from your friends that are also on SoShare.

Everyone can post comments and add more files using either the SoShare for Android app or from a computer on the SoShare website at

• Fast, free and unlimited sending of photos and videos of any size
• Create custom groups for you and your friends to add files
• Access and manage your files from the SoShare website
• Leave and get comments on the photos and videos
* We currently provide our mobile services for free, but please be aware that your carrier's normal rates and fees, such as text messaging and data usage fees, will still apply.

Monday, May 14, 2012

TuneWiki - Lyrics with Music

TuneWiki - Lyrics with Music

The Music Player with Synced Lyrics in any language

The only music player where you can get, share and talk about lyrics and music.

1.   Listen to any music with synced lyrics
2.   Share lyrics from your favorite songs with your network of friends
3.   Get lyrics instantly translated into 40+ languages
4.   What does that song mean? Comment on and discuss the meaning of lyrics and songs
5.   Free, unlimited SongID with synced lyrics
6.   Discover new music in your SongBox – songs that are being played and recommended by your friends
7.   Explore Song Maps and real-time Top Charts to discover popular songs nearby and around the world
8.   Create, manage, and edit playlists
9.   View and edit detailed tag info for artists, albums and songs
10. Supports installation to SD card. Please note that due to restrictions within the Android OS, the widget will be disabled when the app is on the SD card.
11. Verizon users, please contact ideas@tunewiki to share your feedback with us vs. writing reviews here so we can discuss.
12. TuneWiki Pro is ads free for Android phones. Available now in Google Play!

Fake Mozilla Thunderbird

Fake Mozilla Thunderbird

Impress your friends... It seems you have Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail reader on your great Android phone!


This app. just starts Android *GMAIL ONLY* using Mozilla Thunderbird icon.


Sunday, May 13, 2012



Activate your social superpowers!

Banjo’s ultimate connection engine taps into the most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram and more, to provide a real time view of what’s happening anywhere in the world. Be in two places at the same time or use our powerful friend alert technology to know when friends are nearby.

ESET Moible Seciruty

ESET Moblie Security

Protect your Android smartphone and tablet from emerging threats.

Keep your phone or tablet secure and its contents away from prying eyes with award-winning ESET antivirus technology.

Use your mobile device without worrying about emerging threats or privacy breaches. Stay secure while you do your internet banking, connect to public Wi-Fi, exchange emails or go online shopping. Your sensitive data is kept safe against abuse and you are protected against malware hidden in applications. The Anti-Theft helps you locate or block access to your device in case it is lost or stolen.

1. Simple SMS commands to help you maintain control over your lost or stolen device
2. Remote LOCK: Lock phone remotely by SMS to prevent unauthorized access to data
3. Remote WIPE: Delete contacts, messages and memory cards
4. Localization: LOCATE lost or stolen phone by a remote SMS command

A) Anti-Malware Protection: Scans all downloaded and accessed applications and files for malware
B) SMS/MMS Antispam: Block SMS/MMS messages from unknown numbers
C) Call Blocking: Block unwanted incoming and outgoing calls
D) Security Audit with Built-in Task Manager: Monitor vital phone functions, including battery life, free disk space, running processes, Bluetooth and device visibility
E) Program interface localized in 24 languages: English, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, Hungarian, Spanish, German, Portuguese Brazilian, Dutch, French, Romanian, Turkish, Swedish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Italian, French Canadian, Korean, Spanish Latin, Czech, Hebrew and Slovak
F) Some features are not available for tablets which do not support calling and messaging.
Protect your Android smartphone and tablet from emerging threats.

Keep your phone or tablet secure and its contents away from prying eyes with award-winning ESET antivirus technology.

Use your mobile device without worrying about emerging threats or privacy breaches. Stay secure while you do your internet banking, connect to public Wi-Fi, exchange emails or go online shopping. Your sensitive data is kept safe against abuse and you are protected against malware hidden in applications. The Anti-Theft helps you locate or block access to your device in case it is lost or stolen.

1. Simple SMS commands to help you maintain control over your lost or stolen device
2. Remote LOCK: Lock phone remotely by SMS to prevent unauthorized access to data
3. Remote WIPE: Delete contacts, messages and memory cards
4. Localization: LOCATE lost or stolen phone by a remote SMS command
5. Anti-Malware Protection: Scans all downloaded and accessed applications and files for malware
6. SMS/MMS Antispam: Block SMS/MMS messages from unknown numbers
7. Call Blocking: Block unwanted incoming and outgoing calls
8. Security Audit with Built-in Task Manager: Monitor vital phone functions, including battery life, free disk space, running processes, Bluetooth and device visibility
9. Program interface localized in 24 languages: English, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, Hungarian, Spanish, German, Portuguese Brazilian, Dutch, French, Romanian, Turkish, Swedish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Italian, French Canadian, Korean, Spanish Latin, Czech, Hebrew and Slovak.

Friday, May 11, 2012

JuiceDefender - battery saver


Reclaim your battery! Save power and extend battery life with JuiceDefender

JuiceDefender - Battery Saver is a powerful yet easy to use power manager app specifically designed to extend the battery life of your Android device. Packed with smart functions, it automatically and transparently manages the most battery draining components, like 3G/4G connectivity and WiFi.

The preset modes are the perfect way to gain precious hours of battery life - literally as easy as one tap!

JuiceDefender also allows _complete customization_ through a clean and intuitive user interface; and once configured it runs by itself, improving battery life in a fully automated manner.

Finally, it integrates seamlessly with power control widgets and shortcuts, without interfering with manual settings.

With JuiceDefender - Battery Saver you can easily manage Mobile Data, WiFi and CPU speed, you can keep power consumption under control (e.g. disabling connectivity when the battery runs low), schedule regular Synchronization events, enable or disable connectivity for specific apps, auto-toggle WiFi depending on your location, and much more.

When it comes to smartphones, battery life is never enough: run at full capacity when you need it, but save battery when you don’t, with JuiceDefender.

1.  5 Preset Profiles (from default mode to full customization)
2.  Easy and Intuitive User Interface
3.  Home screen Battery Widgets
4.  Mobile Data toggle automation
5.  2G/3G toggle automation**
6.  WiFi toggle automation + Auto-Disabling option
7.  Location-aware WiFi Control (e.g. enable WiFi only at home/work, disable it otherwise)
8.  Battery Consumption Optimization (e.g. when screen off, battery under threshold, etc.)
9.  Comprehensive Connectivity Scheduling (regular schedule, night time/peak time, week days/weekends)
10. Connectivity Control for Specific Apps with Interactive Training mode
11. CPU scaling when phone is idle**
12. Smart Brightness control
13. Bluetooth control with Automatic Reconnect
14. Full Activity Log
15. It’s FREE!

Llama - Location Profiles


Phone going off at night? Annoying your colleagues at work? Get Llama!
Tired of your phone going off in the middle of the night? Annoying your colleagues by having your phone blast out your ringtone at work? You need Llama!

Llama is a Location Aware Mobile App
- Intro
- Comment responses
- Permissions
- Uninstalling

Llama uses phone masts to determine your location, so that you can change your ringer, vibrate and ringtones depending on where you are as well as the time of day. Llama provides you with sound profiles so you can quickly switch between quiet, loud, silent and normal sound settings. You can set your family, wife and children to ring even if your phone is set to silent! You can create events and home screen shortcuts to manage your sound profiles and more:
-Silence your phone at work
-Turn your Bluetooth on ready to connect your headset for a morning run
-Set your phone quiet when it's late at night and you haven't gone out
-Start the music player when a headset is connected

Llama can also do:
Accounts Sync
Airplane Mode
Car mode
GPS (before Android 2.3 only or Cyanogenmod)
Haptic Feedback
Kill Applications (also force-kill with root privileges)
Play, pause and other media buttons
Mobile Data (before Android 2.3 only)
Run apps
Run shortcuts
Screen brightness
Screen lock PIN/password
Set Llama variables
Screen on and off
Screen timeout
USB storage
Wifi hotspot
Wifi sleep policy
Create events based off:
Airplane mode
Battery level
Bluetooth devices
Calendar events
Car mode
Day of the week
Current locations
Llama variable
Music playback (stock Android only, requires third party developer support)
Phone start up and shut down
Screen on and off
Time of day
Wifi networks

NOTE: Since GPS is not used, the location tracking is limited to the number of phone masts in your area. This will work best if you live in a populated area. If your home and work are covered by the same phone masts, you can try using the experimental Wifi-based location tracking. If that still doesn't work, you can remove the enter/exit conditions to make time-based profiles.

-Read your calendar (aka 'Your personal information') for any calendar conditions you set up
-A bug/feature of Android means Llama also has to have the write calendar permission, but it doesn't actually write anything
-Your accounts so it can run an account sync if your events say so
-Write to your SD card to import/export your area, events and profiles, and to write error logs
-Call-state and read contacts to let you choose which of your contacts can still ring even when silent
-Llama DOES NOT have internet permission. Your data isn't going anywhere

If you've used screen off or screen password actions, go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators, untick Llama from the list, then uninstall

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker for Android™ using your MP3's and more!

Make unlimited free ringtones with the music on your Android™ device with our Ringtone Maker! Advanced ringtone making options included! Based on technology from our award-winning web service (, you’ll choose from both popular edits generated by users online and options to “drag’n’drop” fine-tuned editing controls for making your own ringtones in just seconds!

1. Create unlimited ringtones, custom lengths... up to 40-seconds!
2. Make "text tones" of 6 seconds or less, using our same App!
3. Supports popular audio-formats (MP3, M4A)
4. Fine-tuning buttons (+/-)
5. Suggested ringtone entry points from our website
6. Ringtones may also be used for alarm clocks & contacts
7. Installs ringtones automatically!

To make a ringtone: 
1) Open the 'Ringtone Maker' App.
 2) Choose a song from your device’s ‘Music’ Library. 
3) Use the ‘slider control’ and ‘fine-tuning buttons’ to create the ringtone of your liking! 

Instant previewing and unlimited, high-quality ringtone conversions are built-in.



Your friends’ music in your hands.

Ever wonder what kind of music your friends are in to? MusicBunk lets you discover all the music and playlists your friends are listening to.

Who is your Music Match? MusicBunk lets find out who likes the same music you do and match-up with them to share songs and playlists.

MusicBunk also lets you post comments and reviews on friends’ playlists and share your insights about artists.

MusicBunk is a powerful Social Music Player:
1.  Check out songs & playlists that your friends have. 
2.  Listen to songs that your friends have even though you don't have them. 
3.  Find out how many songs you and your friends have in common. 
4.  See what kind of songs your friends recently added. 
5.  Share comments about songs with friends. 
6.  Post your comments via Facebook and Twitter at the same time. 
7.  Find your friends easily from your contacts and Facebook(optional) 
8.  Meet new people who have similar taste in music. 
9.  Available to sign up with your Facebook ID 
10. Do all this while listening to your music!

We will be updating MusicBunk often. There are more great features and more great music to come! Try it out and let us know what you think!

Download MusicBunk and start Socializing Your Playlists today.

MusicBunk puts your friends music in your hands.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Axis Mobile Banking

Axis Mobile

Banking with Axis Bank is just a touch away now with Axis Mobile on Android.
Using Axis Mobile, you can now check your balance, mini-statements or transfer funds to Axis & Other Bank customer right from your Android. You can also transfer funds to any bank account instantly, 24X7 through IMPS facility. Now, pay your bills for more than 70 billers and recharge mobile instantly.

Axis Mobile downloads instantly onto your Android. 
Steps to start using Axis Mobile on your Android:
1. Download Axis Mobile onto your Android from Google Play (Market).

2. Enter your mobile number registered with Axis Bank SMS Banking. You will receive One Time Activation code (OTAC) on that mobile number through SMS

3. Set the six digit mPIN that you would use every time to login to Axis Mobile. Do remember this mPIN!

4. Enter activation code received over SMS

The application is now activated!

In order to activate your accounts on Axis Mobile, do the following:
1. Go to ‘Manage Accounts->Add Accounts’. Enter your Axis Bank Account number and nick-name (name through you would like to remember this account)

2. Enter the debit card number, ATM PIN and Expiry Date of the Debit card associated with that account. If the verification is successful, Account is added.

3. Repeat the same steps to add more accounts!
You are now ready to bank with Axis Bank right from your Android Hand set! 
For any other details please visit

Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint Scanner

Now you can unlock your phone even if you've forgotten the number of beeps, or someone has changed it for that matter. Just press the volume down button thrice, and you regain access to your phone!
Unlock your smartphone with the coolest Fingerprint Security app yet.
And finally a fingerprint Lock that provides real phone locking functionality on your finger scanner Lockscreen, based on the smart beep concept. Yes this app actually locks your phone and lets you in only after you've verified your finger print.

You can control access to your phone very easily. When the FingerPrint Scanner screen pops up, touch your finger to the screen to be "scanned" for your identity, there will be vibrations and beep sounds during the scanning process. You can pre-define the number of beeps (or vibrations) which will be heard before it starts scanning the database.

If somebody keeps his finger on the scanning interface for more or lesser number of beeps then the phone will not be unlocked.

The number of beeps after which the phone will be unlocked can be easily changed by going to the settings menu.
1.Select the "Number of Scans" or beeps after which the phone will be unlocked. We have set this to 3 by default.
2. Unselect "Show Hint" to stop showing hint in case of "access denied". Enabled by default
3. Select "Disable Lock" to disable finger security. Enabled by default
4. Select "Disable Sound" to make it noise free. Sound enabled by default
This application provides real security features and works perfectly well as an alternative lockscreen
Also Note that Fingerprint Scanner is not a real biometric security application , it is just for entertainment purposes and for making your lock screen more hot and sexy.
If you like mood scanner,X-ray naked scanner or police radio scanner you're bound to like this security theme lock screen replacement also.

This app is presently add supported and will create a shortcut button on your homescreen which can easily be deleted.

Touch the sensor area of the fingerprint scanner on screen with your fingers and raise the lock of your mobile phone. Your friends will be amazed, because the app rejects their fingerprints like a real fingerprint scanner.
Please understand that the screen of your Android smartphones can not read your fingerprints, it just understands the time for which you touch it and which something somebody else will never be able to guess.
So make your friends believe that you've built a real biometric fingerprint scanner in the touch screen of your mobile.

Unlock your phone with your fingerprint, using this fingerprint lock.
If you want to fool your friends and/or co-workers into thinking that you have a real sophisticated fingerprint scanner than this application is definitely for you!