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Shubh Diwali Live Wallpaper is a free live wallpaper

Shubh Diwali Live Wallpaper

First of all Happy Diwali to all of you.Shubh Diwali Live Wallpaper is a free live wallpaper.
Diwali, which is also called Deepavali or Dipavali is a Hindu festival. It is called the festival of lights. In this festival, people light up their houses and shops.Diwali commemorates the return of Lord Rama, along with Sita and Lakshmana, from his 14-year-long exile and vanquishing the demon-king Ravana.This festival is celebrated by the Hindus in the Hindu month of Kartik which falls sometime during the months of October-November(about twenty days after Dussehra). It is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Rama from 14 years of exile and his victory over the dämon Ravana.. The Hindus worship the god Ganesh and godess laxmi during the Diwali. Hindus celebrate the festival by lighting up candles,rangoli and letting fire crackers off
You can also use wikipedia for know about Diwali
** - HD Custom Backgrounds
** - Customised diwali diya
Note: It is live wallpaper so you can't open the app, you will need to follow the instruction above in order to set the wallpaper. Also slower/older devices (shipped with Snow OS below 2.1) can't run it too.
##The Wallpaper has been tested on following phones.
Samsung Galaxy Y,Samsung Galaxy S,Samsung Galaxy S2,Samsung Galaxy,HTC Explorer,LG Optimus One,LG Optimus Black,Sony Xperia U,Motorola Fire XT,HTC One.
If you have put the app on SD card and restarted the phone, the wallpaper will reset to default since the system couldn't find the app first
TO USE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers
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Android Lock Screen App With Widgets & iPhone-Style Notifications

Quick Launch - Lock Screen

Quick Launch – the ultimate custom lock screen launcher for all your quick access needs.
➜ iPhone style missed calls notifications widget

➜ NEW! ICS style theme was added; you can now swipe right to unlock
With Quick Launch, you can perform useful tasks quickly and easily – directly from your phone's lock screen launcher!

✓ Add your favorite widget (Google music, Facebook, Twitter, RSS reader, etc.) to your lock screen launcher
✓ One click to launch any of your recently used apps such as Facebook, Browser, SMS app
✓ One click to display and call your recent contacts
✓ View your missed calls and unread messages - iPhone style
✓ Tap to Search provides direct access to installed apps, contacts, and any online information or sites
✓ One click to access your camera and take photos
✓ One click control of your phone's ringer settings
✓ Change your wallpaper to any image of your choosing
✓ Unlock your phone as you normally would
☞ Download Quick Launch and get started now! ☜
We are continually adding support for new devices. If you encounter any problems, please e-mail us and we will resolve and fix the problem as soon as possible.

About permissions:
Please notice that Quick Launch requires a number of permissions, the purpose is to launch other Apps from the lockscreen, while we definitely won't read the contents in users' phone. For example, SMS read permission is required in order to display the missed messages, while we will not read any content of the SMS.

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Home » Google Android » World of Goo: One Of The Best Puzzle Games To Kill Time & Get Addicted

World of Goo

- "Game of the Year" -MetaCritic, IGN, TouchArcade, Rock Paper Shotgun, GameTunnel
- Best Games for Android lists - NYTimes, techcrunch, pocketgamer, androidpolice, mashable, and many more

Beautiful and surprising, the millions of Goo Balls who live in the World of Goo are curious to explore - but they don't know that they are in a game, or that they are extremely delicious.

This is the FULL award winning game, now on Android. Drag and drop living, squirming, talking, globs of goo to build structures, bridges, cannonballs, zeppelins, and giant tongues.

Mysterious Levels - Each level is strange and dangerously beautiful, introducing new puzzles, areas, and the creatures that live in them.

World of Goo Balls - Along the way, undiscovered new species of Goo Ball, each with unique abilities, come together to ooze through reluctant tales of discovery, love, conspiracy, beauty, electric power, and the third dimension.

The Sign Painter - Someone is watching you.

World of Goo Corporation - Congratulations! World of Goo Corporation is the Global Leader in Goo and Goo Related Product, including World of Goo Corporation Trademark Brand Soft Drink Beverage and World of Goo Corporation Trademark Brand Facial Exfoliating Lotion. Succulent!
Massive Online Competition - Human players around the world compete in a living leaderboard to build the tallest towers of goo in World of Goo Corporation's mysterious sandbox. World of Goo Corporation is contractually obligated to state that everyone is a winner and is enthusiastic to celebrate everyone's tower building opportunities equally.

Congratulations, and good luck!

Awards and recognition for World of Goo:
* Wii Game of the Year -IGN
* iPad Game of the Year - TouchArcade, MetaCritic
* Best Indie Game -Spike TV Video Game Awards
* Best Design -Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences
* Best Downloadable Title -Game Developers Choice Awards
* Best Design -Independent Games Festival
* Technical Excellence -Independent Games Festival
* Best Indie Game -Spike TV Video Game Awards
* Game of the Year -Rock Paper Shotgun
* Game of the Year -GameTunnel
* Best PC Puzzle Game -IGN
* Best Wii Puzzle Game -IGN
* Best Artistic Design Wii -IGN
* Best New IP Wii -IGN
* Most Innovative Design Wii -IGN
* Puzzler of the Year -Golden Joystick Awards

NOTE: There are lots of Android devices out there with varying capabilities. If you have an older phone, we recommend trying the demo first.

Use Your Android Device’s Camera To Identify Colors In Real-Time With Color Grab

Color Grab

"The best as-you-go color picker and color recognition". It's Free - no Ads.

* Color-Grab lets you pick, detect and recognize colors instantly with the camera.
* The app is designed for graphic designers and color-blinds.
* Color name, Hue, RGB and HSV representation.

NOTICE: There is problem on GALAXY NOTE phone - we are working on solving it.
[+] Real-time color diagnosis (no click-2-capture is required).
[+] Smart color stabilizer.
[+] Smart auto-focus.
[+] Camera flashlight turning on/off.
[+] Supports all phone's cameras (rear and front).
[+] Instant color picking and saving.
[+] Color hue, Color name, RGB HEX, RGB Decimal, and HSV representation.
[+] Up to 1300 colors and 16 basic color categories (tint).
[+] Embedded help.

Designer: You can instantly pick, diagnose and collect colors into palette list as-you-go.

Color-blinds: The app will recognize for you what is the color of any viewed object.
It's free - no Ads.

We hope you will find it useful,
- Loomatix Team.

1) The app binary file includes color names and RGB values based on Resene colors list. The Resene colors, RGB values and list are copyrighted to Resene Paints Ltd, 2001.
2) Due to technical limitations (such as camera sensor, light conditions, AWB), the detected color may be different from the actual one.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stream Google Drive MP3 Songs On Android With Music Drive

Music Drive

Music Drive is a music player that plays mp3 contents from Google Drive(including shared contents).
It categorizes as song, album or artist from id3 tag.
next update
- playlist
- setting

FFF Is A Dedicated Gallery For Facebook Photos & Videos

FFF - Facebook photos & videos

Use FFF to watch fun from friends and Facebook in form of picture and video.
We know you like to watch fun from friends, especially in form of picture and video. 

So FFF removes text posts, leave interesting photos and videos and provide you these excellent features:
*Watch photos and videos from Facebook news feed in full screen by different qualities
*Play videos directly
*Save Facebook photos / videos
*Watch friend's post wall and album photos
*You can share, like, comment the posts

Friday, October 26, 2012

Challenge Your Air Hockey Skills With Glow Hockey 2

Glow Hockey 2

Glow Hockey 2 delivers a new style of hockey game. Easy to play, hard to master. Challenge yourself with the computer opponents or play with your friends!


+ 2-player mode - Multiplayer (on the same device).
+ 2 table themes.
+ Colorful glow graphics.
+ Smooth and responsive game play.
+ Realistic physics.
+ Quick play mode (single player), challenge yourself with 4 difficulty levels (easy to insane).
+ 4 selectable paddles and pucks.
+ Vibrate when goal.
+ Support almost all Android devices for mips, x86, armeabi, and armeabi-v7a.

The paid version is available:
Glow Hockey 2 Pro

Enjoy Quick P2P File Sharing On Android With JustBeamIt


JustBeamIt makes file transfers quick and easy.

This Android App allows you to send and receive files from your phone with ease using JustBeamIt.com.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Talking buddy for your smartphone. Answers questions, performs tasks, notifies.


Speaktoit Assistant is named among Top 10 Android apps of the Year by New York Times

Speaktoit Assistant is a virtual buddy for your Android device that uses natural language technology to answer questions, find information, launch apps and connect you with various web services, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Evernote, and many others.

The Assistant works with your smartphone to get maps, search for news and images, look up weather reports, convert currency and measurements, send email, and much more.

No need to memorize special commands or complex interfaces - simply speak or type in everyday language and the Assistant will understand and respond with what you need.

You can also choose assistant's appearance whether it be pretty blonde or brunette girl, handsome agent or old professor.

The Assistant now uses new cool voices powered by iSpeech.

Compare to Apple Siri, Nuance, Dragon Go, Vlingo, Evi, Voice Actions, Voice Search, Wolfram Alpha, Iris, IBM Watson and other voice control applications.

This is a beta version - if the assistant doesn't answer some of your questions we will fix it really soon.

Hide the Pictures/Videos you don't want anyone to see.

Hide It Pro

Hide Pictures ,Videos, Applications, Messages , Calls in your phone. COMPLETELY FREE and UNLIMITED version.

Now in apple AppStore too. Follow the link below or search Hide it Pro in the App Store
Like us ? Hit the +1 button.

-- What our users say. --
"Wow , nobody can guess where my secret stash is , Thanks hide it pro" - Betty
"This should come with the phone. Awesome..." - Alex Wright
"Now i can give my phone to the kids without worrying them seeing something they shouldn't. Must Have App" - Katherine

-- About the app --
The app is cleverly disguised as "Audio Manager" in the App Drawer.
Disguises itself as a Audio Manager app which can be used to turn the volumes up and down. but if you Long press on the Audio Manager title the actual Hide It Pro app will launch, which is basically your secret vault of pics/videos/messages/apps etc.

-- Features in Detail --

1.) App disguised behind a fully functional Audio Manager
2.) Categorize media into folders of your choice
3.) Batch(Multi-Select) support for hiding and unhiding pictures
4.) Delete/Share/Unhide/Move pictures between albums
5.) Sort files by date/size/name and sort folders by count/name
6.) Gallery features Pinch to Zoom , Double tap to zoom , One finger hold and move zoom
7.) Slideshow with Fade, Zoom, Swipe effects
8.) Send/Share pictures
9.) Special optimization for low end phones.
10.) Video player features play/pause/forward/rewind/next video/prev video support
11.) Disappears from recent apps list
12.) Two lock screen options viz Pin and Password
13.) Escape pin/password for times when you get caught
14.) Built in encryption tool(with military standard 256-bit AES encryption) to secure your most important files
15.) Plugins for features like Private Messaging / Calls , Private Browsing , Locking Apps.
There are a lot more features like custom slideshow durations/slideshow order/effects , custom folder thumbnails etc. but i'll leave some of the secrets of the app to be discovered by the users ;)
Complete Help : http://bit.ly/droidit
Please email me if you have any issues , If the app doesn't install properly do a reinstall , that would solve 99% the problems , for rest just shoot me an email

Permissions Explained :
>> INTERNET , READ_PHONE_STATE - for advertisements
>> WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - for functioning of the app
>> GET_TASKS , KILL_BACKGROUND_TASK -- for hidden apps part
>> SET_WALLPAPER -- setting wallpaper in gallery

There are many similar apps in the market like
like Vaulty,Keep Safe,PicSafe, Picture Safe for Android, Privacy, Security, Hide videos, Picture privacy, Vault, Hide Photos, Gallery Lock, kii safe,Keep Safe,Photo Safe(PS), iLock Pro, Hide Photos , iLock , iLock nimish , Hide Pictures etc. but none of them are even comparable to what Hide it pro can do. Give it a try , i am sure you won't be disappointed.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Smart Memory Booster - Android RAM Optimizer to speed up your devices as well as prevent battery drain!

Smart Memory Booster

Smart Memory Booster reclaims lost memory for your programs by defragmenting your smartphone's memory as well as stop apps that runs on background and drain your battery.

It is designed to tackle the difficult yet crucial problem of memory management for all Android devices.
There are 5 ways to boost memory

☆ Auto smart boost - boost when device meets certain conditions, such as free memory amount, importance of an app, or how many memory that an app consumes
☆ Floating widget - Enable Memory Booster floating widget (on by default) to one tap boost anywhere
☆ Home screen widget - Add a widget from home screen
☆ Notification - one tap to boost (toggle notification boost bar visibility in app's setting)
☆ Boost Now button - tap this button from app's main screen

There are many advanced options to tune boosting process:
☆ Boost level: select among 5 boost levels
☆ Ignored apps: apps will not be stopped when boosting
☆ Report style-define how to show reports
☆ Boost automatically: auto-boost, come with minimal Memory threshold and Boost interval
☆ Feedback - a haptic feedback when touch on boost widget
☆ Floating widget position/size/transparency - Change overlay widget position/size/opaque level
☆ Notification - Show memory info with report/auto refresh settings

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DroidMate/457997377567247

Challenge Your Instincts And Intuition With The Game Called 100 Floors

100 Floors

★★★ Apple App Store's #1 game is NOW AVAILABLE ON ANDROID! ★★★
★★★ GRAND OPENING - The Seasons Tower! ★★★

Challenge yourself with 15 NEW Spooky Halloween levels!
A big thanks to all the users who have stuck with us! We have included a little surprise for those who can beat the game! Enjoy!

Remember to Follow Us on Twitter @100_Floors for news and updates!
Challenge Yourself and see if you can make it to the TOP!
Advance to the next floor by solving the puzzle!
100 levels of puzzles are waiting to be solved!

Follow us on twitter @100_Floors for the latest news and updates!

↗ Addicting mini puzzles!
↗ Complete utilization of your devices features!
↗ Gorgeous graphics and different themed floors!
↗ Constant updates of New Floors!
↗ it’s FREE!

Contact us if you have problems or comments with the app.

★★ How to play ★★
↗ Unlock the door to get the next level.
↗ To do that, pinch, poke, shake, tilt, swipe the on-screen images, to find a way to solve the puzzles.
↗ You can pick certain items up and use them from your inventory.
↗ For the first floor, tap the screen elevator button to open the door. Tap the green arrow behind the door to go to the next floor.
↗ For Floor2, swipe the trash can to move it aside and tap the green arrow button behind it. Tap the button in your inventory and tap the grayed out arrow above the red arrow. Tap the green button once it is placed to open the door.
↗ Hint for Floor 4: What is the opposite motion of pinching?
Have any great ideas for NEW floors? Contact us and let us know!

Control The Skies And Land Planes Safely With Air Control

Air Control Lite

Control the air traffic, and help the air crafts safe to the ground
In this simple yet surprisingly addictive drawing game you take on the role of Air Traffic Controller. It is your job to direct airplanes to runways while avoiding collisions.

★ Classic game mode as well as the unique puzzle game mode
★ Online highscores
★ Countless hours of addictive gameplay
★ #1 Android air traffic controller game

"...one of the most adrenaline charged games available for the android platform." -Android Geek Tips
"Are you looking for the next addicting Android game? Well, luckily, you’ve found it with Air Control! Your speed, agility, and foresight will be tested in this game of near-misses and crazy landings." -Best Android Apps Review
"...exciting, addicting gameplay that you will be sure to love. You need to download this game!" -Best Android Apps Review

Location: To use with highscores.
Internet: To submit highscores.
Phone State and Identity: Used by offers provider to award miles for completing offers.
SD Card: To cache video offers.

snapp! Is A Social Location Sharing App For Android With Indoor Check-ins


snapp! is a radical social networking application that helps you keep in touch with your social networks, friends and family anywhere! snapp! uses a revolutionary location technology that even works indoors and in urban areas. Together with indoor location you can use indoor maps to navigate at various shopping malls and airports.

With snapp! you can
· Integrate with major social network sites including: facebook, twitter, fourquare, and friendswhere.
· Post pictures and messages from your location.
· Check-in anywhere with preferred network(s).

· Share your location and messages with friends and family anywhere: on the move, indoors, outdoors.
· Automatically check-in anywhere including to indoor venues;
· Configure settings for automatic check-in.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Control The Camera Of One Android Device Using Another With Remote Shot

Remote Shot - Live Preview

Remote Shot is a remote controller using a Bluetooth.
Remote Shot allow you to connect your Android Phone using one as camera and one as remote to see live stream preview.
Remote Shot works with all Android devices

* Bluetooth is run together on the same operating system.
* If Bluetooth is not turned on, the device does not connect.
- Connect 2 devices use one as camera and one as REMOTE.
- Bluetooth connection, no need internet connection you can take a shot while you are outdoor.
- LIVE PREVIEW STREAM, remote sees what camera see(available in FREE version).
- Front/Rear Camera.
- Flash Auto/on/off.
- Burst Shots. (3f / 7f / 10f / 15f)
- Self Timer. (3s / 7s / 10s / 15s)
- Setting a background-image in remote mode.

[How to use]
- Connect 2 devices by tap at Blue tooth sign.
- Choose your device to be Remote or Camera.
- Switch Your device for remote or camera in the blue tooth connection page.
- In Live preview you are control the camera.
- Put your camera device in right location.
- Look at live preview in your remote to adjust your location.
- Take photo.
- Picture will save in to camera devices.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Track An Android Cell Phone Location Now With GPS Tracker


InstaMapper is a free GPS tracking service. Use it to:
· track your phone online in real time
· share your location with friends and family
· record tracks and export them in a variety of formats
· recover lost phones (app can be activated remotely with an SMS message)
Free registration is required.

Get Windows Phone 8 Lock & Start Screen On Android With LauncherWP8

WP8 Desktop

Desktop software on a Windows Phone 8 style

Of WP8 Desktop (LauncherWP8) specifically for the Android system to launch a Windows Phone 8 style desktop software, you can add a variety of styles porcelain block grid in eight different sizes, different colors, 8 different themes, customize your fully personalized the start screen.

Main functions:
- You can add different size porcelain block grid;
- 8 different colors can be added ceramic block grid;
- Can be set to a different color theme;
- Support setting hidden does not show some of the program;
- Add support for desktop widgets to porcelain block;
- Support Android system wallpaper / background set;
- Support for free drag placing porcelain block grid;
- Support to select the icon images from the SD card;
- Comes with a number of application icons and pictures;
- Comes with a special time module ceramic block grid;
- Comes with Windows Phone 8 style lock screen;
- If you have other questions, please add QQ group 259868359 additive group, please specify: WP8 desktop, pro, etc.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Send/Receive SMS Text Messages from your Computer or Tablet using your Android

MightyText - SMS from Computer

★ Text from your Computer, using your current Android phone number
★ Messages stay fully in sync with your phone's SMS
★ SMS Notifications on computer immediately when SMS hits phone
★ Get started in under 60 seconds
★ 100% Free (no additional charge from what your Carrier charges you)
(1) Install this Android App on your Phone
(2) On your Computer go to https://mightytext.net/app to start texting
*NOTE* - MightyText sends msgs via your phone, so your carrier WILL charge you as if you sent SMS from your phone. MightyText charges no additional fee (free SMS sync).
By clicking "Install" you agree to these Terms of Service: http://mightytext.net/tos

Android and Chrome are trademarks of Google Inc. Use of these trademarks is subject to Google Permissions.

The Calendar app displays events from each of your Google Accounts that synchronizes with your Android device.

Google Calendar

Experience Google Calendar on devices running 4.0.3 or later.

You can also:
- Create, edit, and delete events.
- View all your calendars at the same time, including non-Google calendars.
- Quickly email all event guests from a notification with a customizable message.
Known issues with HTC devices:
- Day and week views may not work on some HTC devices.
- Notes and pictures may be removed from all calendar events, but will still be available in HTC's Notes app.
- Local unsynced events may be lost after installing Google Calendar.
- Notifications won't make sounds unless HTC's Calendar app is disabled.
- Touching an email invitation in a mail app opens Calendar in the browser rather than the app.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NanoMusic: Extremely Lightweight And Simplistic Music App

NanoMusic Free

NanoMusic is a very small, good lookning, folder based music player.

NanoMusic is an efficient and compact folder-based music player. It can play most audio formats, including mp3, ogg and FLAC. The playlist-focused layout provides easy and intuitive navigation of your music.
This is the ad-supported version of NanoMusic.

Supercharge your calls with rewarding Smart Call Follow Up & Facebook Caller ID.


CallFlakes is a rewarding app for smart call follow-up and Facebook caller ID

Most of the phone calls we make require some follow up. In many cases we promise to send an email, in other cases we schedule a meeting with the caller and need to enter it into our calendar and in some cases we just want to go online and Google something discussed in our call.

With CallFlakes, as soon as we terminate our call we receive a tool bar screen that includes 7 buttons for everything we want or need to do in relation to the call:
Send an email to the caller
Send a text message
Call back
Share something on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook
Schedule a meeting in the phone’s calendar
Set a reminder
Search web

A slightly different toolbar is set to address al those things we need or want to do following a text message we receive.

Better yet, CallFlakes also provides us a Facebook Caller ID. As we make or receive a call to or from a Facebook friend CallFlakes presents us the Facebook wall of that friend and let us get recent updates of what our friends been up to before we start the conversation. Same happens when we receive a text message from our Facebook friends.

CallFlakes is also a rewarding app and it is connected to the Beintoo app reward program. As you use the CallFlakes productivity board you aggregate the Beintoo virtual currency dollars which you can then redeem against free coupons and other goodies from companies like Gap, Zappos, Groupon and many others.

CallFlakes is very simple to install and it does not require any technical expertise. One click is required to install the app and another click to connect the app to Facebook for the optional Facebook caller ID features. Thereafter the app turns itself on automatically for every event that applies to the Facebook caller ID and productivity board features.

CallFlakes is a free app supported by advertising. Please visit our advertisers and help us improve our apps and services.

Please visit us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/CallFlakes or follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/eranaviv for news and updates about new features and services

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ESPN ScoreCenter delivers live scores from hundreds of leagues around the world.

ESPN ScoreCenter

ESPN ScoreCenter brings you scores, news, and standings from hundreds of sports leagues around the world. 

Never miss another goal, pitch, basket, try, touchdown or wicket. Whether you follow the NFL or the Premier League, the Ashes or MLB, MMA or Formula One, ScoreCenter offers the most comprehensive global sports coverage available on your Android device. 

ScoreCenter Features:

* Personalized scoreboards and live game details featuring last play, in-game stats, boxscores, game summaries and standings

* myTeams: Follow your favorite teams on one card. Pop in to get scoring updates or catch up on news coverage of your favorite teams from ESPN and from aggregated, local sources

* The Lead: Stay on top of the most important live events of the day, read up on breaking news and analysis, and watch just-cut video clips

* Deep news and analysis across dozens of leagues, powered by ESPN’s ‘round-the-clock editorial staff

* Follow scores from hundreds of leagues including:
- NFL Football
- NBA Basketball
- MLB Baseball
- NHL Ice Hockey
- NCAA Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Lacrosse, Water polo, and more
- Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and hundreds of additional soccer leagues and tournaments
- NASCAR, Formula 1, Indycar
- Golf
- Tennis
- Cricket
- Rugby

...with more added all the time...

Follow us @scorecenter on Twitter for updates or to ask questions and provide feedback.

Neat News App With Latest Videos & Tweets Related To Each Story


newscover, the content reader designed to make your life easier

News and more. Welcome to newscover!. The easiest to use smart reader.
newscover lets you access current news and content from around the world organized by channels. Read and share with your friends news and any kind of content which interest you: publishing, blog updates, videos, tweets, etc.

Follow the breaking news from your favorite publications: Reuters, CNN, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Telegraph... and also their video channels. We have over three hundred publications for you!
With newscover smart reader you can see news about your preferences and interests. The application learns from your mode of use to show content that you care. We also offer the news filtered by the following topics:
★ Technology
★ Business
★ Style
★ News
★ Sports

Available in English and Spanish.

We are always working to surprise you and improving the application, so if you have any questions or suggestions, please give us your feedback at the following e-mail help@newscover.com. We will be happy to help you!

Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/newscovered
Tell your friends why you love Newscover: http://www.facebook.com/newscover
Visit our website: http://www.newscover.com

Friday, October 12, 2012

Google+ Update For Android Adds Support For Pages & Post Editing


Stay connected and share life as it happens

- Enjoy magazine style layout in the new tablet version
- Automatically share photos to an Event with Party Mode
- Video chat with up to 9 friends with mobile Hangouts
- Turn on Instant Upload to sync photos from your phone to a private Google+ album
- Check out the What’s Hot stream to see trending topics
- View the Nearby stream to see what people near your location are saying

Firefox 16 For Android Brings Reader Mode & Sharing Of Individual Tabs Across Devices


Want a fast, smart, and safe mobile browser? Install Firefox for Android free!
The Mozilla Firefox Web browser brings the best of desktop browsing to Android. It’s fast, easy to use, and customizable, with the latest security and privacy features to help you stay safe online.
We'd love to hear any suggestions you have so we can keep making browsing better for you. Share it at http://mzl.la/FXinput.
Firefox Web Browser Features:

Get to the Web and find what you’re looking for fast.
Access your desktop browser history, bookmarks, passwords and tabs from any device.
Control your privacy, security and how much data you share on the Web.
Browse your favorite sites with minimal or no typing.
Automatically transform cluttered articles and stories into beautiful, easy-to-read pages.
Customize your browser just the way you like it.
For a complete list of features, check out http://mozilla.org/mobile/features
Learn more about what’s up at Mozilla: https://blog.mozilla.org/
Have questions or need help? Visit http://support.mozilla.org/mobile
Want to know more about the permissions Firefox requests? http://mzl.la/Permissions

Mozilla is a proudly non-profit organization dedicated to keeping the power of the Web in people's hands. We're a global community of users, contributors and developers working to innovate on your behalf. When you use Firefox, you become a part of that community, helping us build a brighter future for the Web. Learn more at mozilla.org.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

From the creators of Angry Birds: an all new game from the PIGS’ point of view!

Bad Piggies

Get ready to see pigs fly!

"Extremely fun and very challenging" -- Kotaku

“The best title Rovio has released yet” - IGN

“4/4 - Must Have” -- Slide to Play

"Bad Piggies is awesome, and needs to be a part of your iOS game collection just as much as the rest of the Angry Birds series" - Touch Arcade

"If you can’t enjoy watching a pig drive a badly constructed car off a cliff and onto a pile of dynamite, you probably don’t have a soul." - Yahoo/BGR

Create the ultimate flying/crawling/rolling/spinning/crashing device and pilot the pigs safely to the eggs!
The Bad Piggies are after the eggs again -- but as usual, nothing is going according to plan! Can you create the ultimate flying machine and steer them safely to their destination? Those tricky pigs have a few objects they can use, but they need your help to turn these into the perfect transportation!
With more than 72 levels, and free updates coming up, you have hours and hours of pig-crashing, exploding, and flying fun! Get three stars to unlock 18 more levels! HINT: Sometimes you need to play the level several times to achieve all the objectives -- try building a new device or steering in a different way to earn all the stars!

● 72 levels crammed with flying/driving/crashing fun!
● 18 additional levels unlocked by getting three stars!
● Free updates!
● 4 sandbox levels to stretch your creativity!
● Ultra-special, ultra-secret, ultra-difficult sandbox level to unlock by collecting all the skulls!
● 33 objects to create the ultimate machine: motors, wings, fans, bottle rockets, umbrellas, balloons, and much more!

Mechanic Pig
● Need help? This little piggy will build it for you!
● Mechanic pig pre-assembles transport for you!
● All you have to do is pilot it!
● Tweak his design to get all three stars!

Get ready to see pigs fly!

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Privacy Policy: http://www.rovio.com/privacy

Swably: Android App Discovery & Sharing Community Where Users & Developers Interact


SWABLY is a community where app users and developers communicate with each other directly. You can share, comment and discover apps with friends and people. As a developer, you can publish, promote your apps, and communicate with your users directly. Actually, SWABLY is the first and only community that users and developers mix together.

It is easy and free to use. A must for all Android users.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Discover new apps in an interactive and fun way.


5 sliders allow you to define the traits of apps you are looking for. Based on this, AppDJ will recommend apps that you might find interesting. Searching for new, cool apps is no longer a hassle. Have fun finding new apps!

Get the latest current conditions, forecast, weather alerts, radar and more!


Access the world’s largest network of real-time weather sensors for forecasts, alerts and more. The Fastest and Most Targeted Alerts. More Accurate Forecasts. Neighborhood-level Weather in Real-Time. Come experience the WeatherBug difference!

Extreme weather can strike at anytime, anywhere. Experience and benefit from the most advanced early warning system, powered by our Severe Storm Network, and get pinpoint forecasts in your neighborhood and around the world. Know Before.

With the added benefit of our exclusive neighborhood-level network of stations, getting the most relevant and personalized weather has never been easier!

Key Features include:

•*NEW* WeatherBuzz – They say knowledge is power, so empower your friends and family with meaningful weather alerts so they can make the right decisions by sharing severe weather alerts with your social network on Facebook! Receive an alert from WeatherBug and easily share it on your timeline so your friends and family can Be in the Know!

•*NEW* Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts (DTAs) – DTAs by Earth Networks automatically provide the most advanced weather and lightning-based alerts to severe weather that is moving into an identified area near you. Our Severe Storm Network monitors storm development in real-time, so you can get double the warning time to severe weather such as high winds, hail, heavy rain rates, lightning strikes and tornadoes.
•Severe Weather Alerts – Alerts from the National Weather Service (NWS) and the exclusive WeatherBug network keep you aware of severe weather conditions at your current and saved locations!
•My Location – Automatically updates your weather information based on the closest weather station to you in your neighborhood through GPS.
•Interactive Maps – Enjoy multiple map layers such as Doppler radar, humidity, wind speed and more!
•Weather Cams – View live images from more than 2,000 weather cameras across the U.S. to get a better picture (pun intended) of the weather around you!
•Pin-Point Map Conditions – Press and hold anywhere on the map and drop a pin to view current conditions from our exclusive network of weather stations.
•Visual Forecasts – Easy to read, at–a–glance displays of essential weather information you need quickly and easily.
•Video Forecasts – Daily National Weather Outlook video forecasts provided by WeatherBug meteorologists
Be prepared. Know before. Download the app used by millions, voted “Best Weather App Ever” and trusted as a “Best App for Moms” - WeatherBug.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Official AOL On App For Android Now Available


Watch what's On.

The AOL On App is designed for you to easily discover and view the latest and most premium web videos. Our AOL On newsroom is constantly updating the site in real time to feature the most popular entertainment videos, breaking news and trending topics online, making it easier to sort through all of the news of the web to find entertaining, informative and relevant videos to watch on your phone or tablet.

Key Features:
• Watch all of the most current videos on the web in a beautiful experience
• Find videos from breaking news to the latest TV clips
• Get access to 14 channels with videos ranging from Style to Tech
• Share your favorite videos with your friends easily
• Watch originals from AOL like the award-winning Home of the Brave or the laugh-out-loud funny Fetching
• Find all the top videos from around the web programmed and edited for easy viewing

Airtel India Grand Prix 2012 app now available for Android

Airtel Indian GP 2012

Welcome to the world of speed !!! Get exclusive access to 2012 AIRTEL INDIAN GRAND PRIX related news, contests, updates - and yes, don't forget the lovely Grid Girls. Participate in the quiz to win fabulous prizes !!So put on your seat belt and gear up to experience speed like never before.

Quiz contest coming soon!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

ezNetScan For Android: Get Detailed Info For Devices Connected To Your Network


ezNetScan - Network Tools

ezNetScan is a handy network tool for network administrators - it scans wireless network and displays the list of all connected devices.
Various other options allow you to easily customize your network list further, including assigning device specific icon, tag name to device and additional note/comment to any device etc...
SNMP based features added which allows you to list out installed software and hardware information of network devices.
Supported Tools:
- Ping
- Service Scan
- Traceroute
- Wake on LAN
- DNS lookup
- NetBios Name
- Scan TCP Service
- Device IP Address, MAC Address and Manufacture Name
- Custom device name and icons
- Installed Software & Hardware details (It will work for SNMP enabled devices)
It also allows you to email scanned device list & command results. You can also view all your scanned network details in offline mode.

Atooma makes your smartphone smarter

Atooma - Beta

Create your Atooma to get any kind of task automagically performed on your smartphone.
Atooma put your smartphone at your beck and call.

- Whether you want your inbox Sms or e-mail automatically read while driving
- Or prevent your phone from ringing or log onto a network when battery is about to die
- What if your phone be so smart as to save in Dropbox your holiday's pictures
No matter what need to be done, from wifi to facebook posts, gps to Gmail and photo – there is Atooma to automate it all.

- You can set up conditional events (IF) that automatically trigger simple actions (DO), based on things like time of day, location, your favorite apps, email, battery levels, movement sensors and much more.
- You can share your Atooma within the Wall and download Atooma from other users, for free!

- Manage your Atooma inside the App or log-in to www.Atooma.com

Triggers (IF)
√ !!!NEW!!! Shake: horizontal or vertical movement
√ !!!NEW!!! Ambient Light sensor: light/dark
√ !!!NEW!!! Headphone: plugged/unplugged
√ !!!NEW!!! WIFI: Disconnected
√ Dropbox: file added/deleted, directory added/deleted, storage space level
√ Time Between: from time to time (use it as additional IF)
√ Activity Manager: any app installed/uninstalled
√ SMS Received (Optional Filters: Sender, Text)
√ Gmail Received (Optional Filters: Senders, Object, Text)
√ New Facebook update from you
√ New Facebook update from friend (Filters: Text)
√ Facebook friend's Brithday (Specific Date or Some Days Before)
√ New tweet (From you, form following, from specific friend --> Filters: Mention, Hashtag, Text
√ Twitter Message Received (Filters: Sender, Text)
√ New favorite tweet from you
√ New reply received (Filter: Sender, Text)
√ New photo from Camera

√ New video from Camera
√ Specific Speed (from GPS)
√ GPS (On/Off)
√ Location
√ Wifi On/Off/Connected/Disconnected

√ Bluetooth On/Off/Device Found)
√ Internet connection [Any kind of, wether wifi or 3G] On/Off
√ Battery level
√ Silent Mode On/Off
√ Time (Countdown, Specific Time)
√ Time (Time range) --> only together with another IF

√ Airplane Mode On/Off

√ Data Network On/Off (3G Data)
√ Call (Signal Strenght, Ringing, In call, Idle)

Actions (DO)
√ Dropbox: add/delete file, add/delete directory, share file
√ Data Network on/off
√ Activity Manager: launch an application
√ Send SMS

√ Update Facebook Status
√ Upload a picture on Facebook
√ Post on Facebook friend's wall
√ Post a Link on Facebook
√ Post a tweet
√ Do retweet (only if trigger is Twitter)
√ Add tweet to favourite (only if trigger is Twitter)
√ Reply to a tweet (only if trigger is Twitter)
√ Launch Google Maps

√ Navigate Maps to a specific address
√ Send Gmail
√ Set Silent Mode on/off
√ Set display brightness
√ Set Wifi on/off

√ Set Bluetooth (On, Off)
√ Set Airplane mode (On, Off)

√ Set a notification toast/status bar
√ Activate Text-To-Speech
√ Set ringer volume

√ Make a call

√ Set voice volume during a call

[COMING SOON]: Improvements on Location, Atoomate Section (amazing!), Instagram.

BUG OR PROBLEM? Full support at hello@atooma.com
Learn more: http://www.atooma.com/home/pages/about
For any assistance and news, we are on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Atooma.A.Touch.of.Magic 
Twitter: www.twitter.com/atooma_team

All Musicians Need gStrings: The Free Chromatic Tuner

Tuner - gStrings Free

gStrings - a chromatic tuner for the guitar, violin, or any other instrument.
This is the ad supported version of Tuner - gStrings, a chromatic tuner application measuring sound pitch and intensity.
It will let you tune any musical instrument (violin, viola, violoncello, bass, guitar, piano, wind instruments).
Features include:
1. orchestra tuning (shifting/redefining tone frequencies),
2. different temperaments (just, pythagorean, meantone, comma, etc.),
3. a variable range nonlinear scale,
4. microphone sensitivity setup,
5. pitch pipe,
and many more.
If you were looking for a guitar tuner, try it!

Qik Video: Stay connected through video chat, video mail and video share

Qik Video

Video chat, video mail and video share for free with Qik Video for Android phones – download the app today and start streaming live videos with friends and family around the world.

• Record and instantly share videos online straight to your favorite social network from your mobile phone.
• Share moments through SMS or email with video mail1.
• Live video streaming from your mobile phone to the web, Facebook, Twitter and more.
• Video feed: See all videos as they are uploaded by your Qik contacts.
• Connect instantly: Automatically see who in your phone’s contact list is available for a live video call.
• Place live video calls with other Qik Video users with Android phones or iPhone, iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4th generation over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi.
• Videos are instantly uploaded to the cloud for sharing or safe-keeping. No cords! No waiting!(1)
• Manage your Qik videos using Qik Desktop(1).

Upgrade to Qik Premium for more great features like unlimited online video sharing and unlimited video storage(2).

You can upload up to 25 videos for free with Qik Video (free version). Upgrading to Qik Premium gives you unlimited video storage2 and lots of other great features. Try it now – FREE 30 day trial(3).
With Qik Premium you get:

Unlimited video storage
• Upload as many videos as you like to save, playback, or share later(2).
Video mail
• Send and receive video mail messages when you can’t talk live.
HD and 3D video recording
• Record and share videos in high definition4 and 3D on select mobile devices(4).

Manage videos from your computer
• Add video from your gallery and sync to desktop.
• Automatically sync Qik videos from phone to desktop.
• Drag and drop videos into Qik collections.
• Easily share videos with Qik contacts with drag and drop functionality.

Upgrade to Qik Premium for just $4.99/month(5) straight from the Qik Video application but enjoy the first 30 days free(3)!
Qik is provided by Skype Software S.a.r.l..
Share life as it happens.
Learn more at Qik.com
Watch and share with me www.qik.com/qiknews
Like us http://facebook.com/qik
Follow us http://twitter.com/qik

(1) Qik Premium subscription required.
(2) This is subject to fair use policy as described at: http://qik.com/info/terms_of_service.
(3) Qik Premium free 30-day trial offer valid until 10/15/2011. Paypal, Visa or Mastercard required to subscribe and start trial. After 30 days, your subscription will renew automatically at the monthly rate of $4.99/month ($5.74 including VAT where applicable). Payments will be charged monthly unless you cancel within 29 days of trial start date. Cancel at anytime. Operator charges may apply. We recommend an unlimited mobile data plan or Wi-Fi connection.
(4) HD (720p) and 3D recording available only on mobile devices supporting this functionality.
(5) $5.74 including VAT where applicable.
(6) Video chat is not supported on Android 2.1 devices.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Asphalt 7 Hit the speed of heat in the newest, fastest edition of the famed Asphalt series

Asphalt 7: Heat

Hit the speed of heat in the newest, fastest, most visually stunning edition of the famed Asphalt series.

Drive 60 different cars from the world’s most prestigious manufacturers, like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin, including the legendary DeLorean.

Gear up to race on 15 tracks set in real cities around the world, including brand new tracks in Hawaii, Paris, London, Miami and Rio.

The completely revamped multiplayer lets you take on up to 5 of your friends locally or online. Keep track of who’s the best with the new Asphalt Tracker that lets you compare stats, show off achievements and challenge rivals. You can also find new online opponents with the matchmaking system. Practice hard, because there are special events that will pit you against the best in the world!

Play however you please with 6 different game modes packed with 15 leagues and 150 different races.

Every car and track is more beautiful than ever thanks to graphics that push the limits of your device.

Acclaimed by both media and players, the Asphalt franchise has already attracted several million players worldwide... Come and join the ride!
For fans of racing, driving simulation and multiplayer Android games.

Visit our official site at http://www.gameloft.com
Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/gameloft or like us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/gameloft to get more info about all our upcoming titles.
Check out our videos and game trailers on www.youtube.com/gameloft.
Discover our blog at http://blog.gameloft.com/ for the inside scoop on everything Gameloft.

The world's first charging-based, sports app "PLUG-IN Championship" by Toyota

PLUG-IN Championship

"PLUG-IN Championship" uses recharging of the smartphone as the main game controller, to bring to life the "Fun to charge" concept of the new hybrid vehicle with rechargeable battery Prius PHV.

“PLUG-IN Championship” takes the plug-in action where smartphone users connects their device to the recharger, and turns it into a sport.

“Players” will compete with each other by accuracy of the timing of the “plug-in” action and win scores for each play.

When a smartphone is “plugged in”, the app reacts with playing an exhilarating video to add more sparks to the game.

“PLUG-IN Championship” will transform the recharging action into something more proactive and fun!

Features of “PLUG-IN Championship”
・The world's first iPhone & Android app which uses the "plug-in" action as part of the game play
・When smartphone is plugged in with a charger while app is activated, users will be rewarded with a refreshing movie clip to boost up the experience.
・Movie clips will vary based on the score won, time, and location of the plug-in.
・Accuracy of the timing of the plug-in is converted to a score and players will compete in the world championship.