Friday, August 17, 2012

FriendIn:The Smart Little Contact Book with Style


FriendIn not only manages the contacts already on your phone, but creates contacts profiles from your friends’ information on Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Once you authorize FriendIn to access your social accounts (all information will be kept confidentially on your phone only), it automatically adds your social contacts, including their public info from their profile, like pictures, birthdays, business info and so on. In addition, if you’re logged in to your email account, FriendIn enables you to view the mail history by contacts.

Key features of FriendIn:
⁃ All-in-1. Manage all your phone/mail contacts or friends from social sites in one place.
⁃ No tiny contact pics. Put a clear face on every contact, so that you actually see them when you call or are called.
⁃ Enhanced profiles. Automatically retrieves public info from social sites (birthday, address, job title)
⁃ Socially aware. View contacts’ social updates on the go, no matter which social site they use.
⁃Magic shake, with just a shake, FriendInsmart sorts contacts by frequency.It’s the easiest way to find your intimate contacts.
⁃Birthday reminder. Get on going reminder of all birthdays.
⁃Mail history by contact. By logging in to your email accounts, get up-to-date mail history for each contact.
The more accounts you connect, the richer your experience will be.
Product requirements:
⁃ At least one social site account is required for FriendIn to provide delightful experience.
⁃ Gmail or Yahoo! Mail is required if you want to view the mail history by contacts.
We value your privacy as much you do: All the information that you provide, and that’s collected from your social accounts will stay on your phone. We do not reuse anything. Also, FriendIn will never post anything to your social sites without your permission.
* Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn names and logos are trademarks of Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc. and LinkedIn Corporation. FriendIn is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by any of them.

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