Saturday, August 18, 2012

Replace your stock statusbar with a fully themeable StatusBar!

Omega StatusBar

Omega StatusBar is a statusbar replacement that allows you to control the look, feel, and layout of your StatusBar!

Omega StatusBar is so much more than just another statusbar replacement. It takes statusbar customizability to the next level. With tons of themes available from many developers, you will have an endless supply of looks, styles, and layouts to choose from. On top of that, Omega StatusBar also offers many built-in settings and preferences to get the statusbar look just how you want it! Omega StatusBar offers features that no other statusbar replacement on the market has done! Omega StatusBar is the first replacement to allow theme support from other developers to fully maximize the user experience!

What are the main features of Omega StatusBar?
★ Replaces the stock statusbar to provide a beautiful statusbar
★ Allows support for third party themes made by anyone
★ Auto-detection for hidden status bar or screen orientation
★ Task killer safe! Will auto-reboot when killed
★ Start-on-boot option to auto start when device is rebooted
★ System Sensors to notify of device errors and alerts
★ High Temp sensor and Battery sensors
★ Gesture smooth for default pull down
★ Content settings to give you full control of what is visible
★ Exclusion list for unwanted application notifications
★ Notification Count for repeating notifications
★ Animated Charging Battery
★ Animated statusbar background
★ Theme Manager to manage all your themes
★ Low ram foot print of under 20mb
★ And so much more!

What about Omega StatusBar Pro?
Omega StatusBar is a free app but we also do have a pro version that has even more features, stability, and sooner updates. That being said, we are not going to make the free version of Omega StatusBar a trial for only 14 days like other status bars. We are going to leave this version of Omega StatusBar completely free to use for as long as you want. If you want to support our development, unlock more features, and get updates first, then you would want to upgrade to Omega StatusBar Pro. Besides, its only $1.29 which is still cheaper than other statusbar replacements!

What is this about Accessibility Control?
In order for Omega StatusBar to handle all third party notifications, you must give it permission through the Accessibility Manager. This must manually be done through the settings. Go to Settings > Accessibility >Omega StatusBar > ON.
If you have any trouble with this, please contact us. We can not reply to you in the comments!

Custom ROM and MIUI Users
Omega StatusBar cannot support all of the ROM's available for Android. Especially MIUI. Please be respectful of this application and know that this statusbar may not work 100% on your rom. If you find a problem withOmega StatusBar on your ROM, please contact us and we will do our best to fix it!

Need help? Contact us!
Please remember to contact us if you have any questions or comments!!!! We cannot reply to comments on the market. There will be bugs on some devices as developers have to support many different Android devices and screen densities. Please do not post bad comments and ratings about a problem. We will be happy to work you through any issue you may have. Thank you!

Other Information & permissions
Why so many permissions needed!?!? Well, Jellybean StatusBar is a different kind of application. It is designed to constantly run and overlay your stock statusbar. It has to receive third party notifications and access information about your device. Without this information, the statusbar would not run correctly. Please accept these permissions as we are using each one properly and for a specific use!

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