Wednesday, September 26, 2012

#TMKUC If you love Dayben's Garba than you'll definitely like this Android app

Navratri Dhamal

Navratri Dhamal is our sincere attempt to devote each and every information about Navratri. We have implanted Navratri Aarti with Lyrics including different wallpapers of Hindu Goddesses. Moreover, we have embedded plenty of videos about the Navratri and Garba dance steps. Brief information about Navratri and its significance is also given with this application.

It shows Navratri Dandiya events around your location with detail in Google map. People can have the Name, Location, Start as well as the End Date & Time within the information. Besides your locality you can check out the events which are going to take place in other countries also in Global Events option. So, enjoy your Navratri Festival with our Navratri Dhamal.

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