Monday, September 10, 2012

Run applications and phone features by saying a word. No more having to scroll through pages of apps, or long contact lists, just to access what you want!

Voice Shortcuts Launcher

-Quickly open an App, Website or File (png, mp4, etc).
-Directly Call, Message or Email any contact in your contact list.
-View a contact from your contact list.
-Toggle Wifi, Bluetooth, and other phone functions without digging into your settings menus
-Add a widget to your homescreen, or a link to your notification bar - so you can quickly run your shortcut from anywhere.
-Ask for confirmation before running a shortcut, to confirm what you're running. We're sure you don't want to accidently call your boss on your day off.

Voice Shortcuts Launcher allows you to say any word to run a shortcut, e.g. call a friend, open an application, or turn your wifi on/off. If you have loads of contacts or tons of apps, then Voice Shortcuts Launcher makes life a lot easier. Just say a word, instead of browsing through long lists to find what you need.
You won't need tons of icons on your home screen anymore either - just add our widget. Simply click the widget, and say your word into Google's voice recognition window to instantly access the desired shortcut. You can even add a Voice Shortcuts Launcher link to your notification bar, allowing you to access the Voice Shortcut Launcher from within other applications!

Full feature list:
-Open App
-Open Website
-Open File (eg. png, mp4, etc)
-View Contact
-Direct Call
-Direct Message
-Direct Email
-Toggle Wifi
-Toggle Bluetooth
-Toggle Airplane Mode
-Set Silent Ringer Mode
-Set Normal Ringer Mode
-Set Vibrate Ringer Mode
-Add Widget to Home Screen
-Access from Notification Bar
-Ask Confirmation before running shortcut

To add our widget on your home screen, simply long-press (hold your finger down) on any empty slot on your home screen, select "Widgets" and scroll across to find "Voice Shortcuts", then drag this onto the homepage. You're then just one click away from easily being able to call, text, toggle and open whatever you want.

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