Monday, September 10, 2012

Battery Doctor, professional battery saver charging your battery for free.

Battery Doctor

Do you need an app that can help maintain the battery and maximize your battery life? Battery Doctor is the official, highly praised, and professional battery saver app, the app that helps extend battery life.

Battery Doctor is a an app gives you an estimate time of usage with the current battery level you have. It doesn't just give you a general usage time but it would also let you know the different usage times for different activities you do on your Android device.

Besides, you can adjust the current level of battery being shown on the status so you'll know the different usage times for those activities at certain battery levels. Let's say you have 80% on your battery level right now and you want to know the usage time for each activity when the battery goes down to 50%. You simply drag the battery level indicator to 50% and it automatically adjusts the different usage times for you.

Key Features
1. Extend Battery Life
Life-span of battery can be extended a lot if it is properly maintained.
2. Predict Battery Power Availability
Display the power of free time (accurate to minute) depending on the device. You can then predict the power availability to avoid the embarrassment of lack of power.
3. Fully Recharging
When the battery power is below 20%, run Battery Doctor and plug in the charger, it can then help maintain your cellphone automatically during charging.
4. Power-saving tips
Provide dozens of power-saving tips. 3G, Wifi and many other features can be disabled to maximum the battery power duration.

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