Friday, September 14, 2012

Telly: Discover, create & share videos with style


Telly is a Social Video Network

It is a simple and fun way to create and discover amazing videos!

It lets you capture, add music, and share your best videos, is also a place to discover what to watch through your social connections, personal interests, and also simply through what's trending.

Easily share your creations with friends on Telly, social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, or privately through email and SMS.

Telly helps you discover awesome videos to watch on the go. See a feed of videos taken by friends, influencers and celebrities, as well as a stream of today's most viral videos from across the web. Videos are formatted for mobile consumption and load quickly, creating a fresh experience to check out during free moments throughout your day. You can interact with friends and meet other creative folks you may not know through liking and commenting.

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