Monday, September 3, 2012

Is your battery good enough?

Battery Compare

Are you tired of advertisements starting out with the same cadence of a rhetorical question? Well now there's new Battery Compare! Non sequiturs.
Stop going to Android message boards asking about how the battery life of your phone compares to the new Samsorola Droizr. All you get in the responses are personal anecdotes, rumors and hearsay, and get an iPhone, loser. With Battery Compare, you not only get an app with a succinctly-descriptive title, but also an app that answers your questions about battery life with cold, hard numbers.
Get the feeling that your brand new phone's battery is under-performing? Battery Compare.
Interested in knowing if people using custom ROMs are enjoying their phones longer than you are? Battery Compare.
Wanna hear the name of the app one more time? Battery Compare.
Not available in free version: Load recent benchmarks and custom filters

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