Saturday, June 9, 2012

Uniclau: Beyond any QR code reader


Beyond any QR code reader, Uniclau brings you one of the revolutions of the decade.
Uniclau is a universal authentication system through the smartphone. With it you can authenticate yourself everywhere by just scanning a QR code. No passwords anymore.
Once you give it a try, you will not think of anything else.
Get started in three simple steps:
1) Install Uniclau Mobile
2) Set up your identity on the application
3) Download the plugin from
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• Solving a big problem: Passwords
Tired of remembering a ton of usernames and passwords? Worried because you are using the same password everywhere? Using combinations of the same one, and you even forget which one you used? Forced to change passwords periodically?
Security and usability are our main concern, so we present the platform that go far beyond any password manager you've ever seen.
• A new concept
You have a Universal Key, and you carry it in your pocket every day. When you want to access a web site with your credentials, all you have to do is grab your phone, open Uniclau Mobile and scan the QR code.
The first time, you will need to enter the username and password on the screen. From then on, you'll just have to scan and press a button. Really that simple.
Watch our presentation video on
• Security and Privacy
Important: Neither us nor anyone else is able to access and decrypt the credentials you store.
Every credential stored on Uniclau's servers is encrypted. This means that only your device is able to decrypt them, but nothing is actually stored on it. If you change your association to another smart phone, your credentials will always remain yours.
Please, read our Privacy Policy on
• Get the extension
Download the browser extension for Uniclau. With it you'll be able to access any website on the internet without a password.
Support is currently offered for Safari, Chrome and Firefox. The extension for Internet Explorer will be available in short.

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