Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hoiio Live is the BEST application to automatically update your contacts! You will never have to manually update your phonebook again!

Hoiio Live

Over 200,000 Hoiio users world wide agree that Hoiio Live is the best phonebook app!

Why Hoiio Live?

Hoiio Live breathes life into your phonebook, making managing contacts a thing of the past!
☆ SELF-UPDATING PHONEBOOK: Unlike traditional phonebook applications, Hoiio Live keeps your phonebook updated and complete by allowing your friends “connections” to maintain their own contact information.
☆ 100% FREE: Hoiio Live is completely free, no subscriptions, no purchases, and best of all no advertisement! All you need is a 3G or Wi-Fi Internet connection, and a circle of friends who are on Hoiio Live!
☆ CONNECTIONS: Connect with your contacts to receive their latest information such as new mobile numbers, emails, photo, title, organization, and social profiles like facebook twitter linkedin.
☆ ALWAYS ON: Hoiio Live notifies you of all the updates from your connections and can automatically save it to your phone.
☆ SAFESYNC®: Hoiio Live has its own CARDDAV server to safely sync down a copy of your Hoiio Live phonebook to your phone. Safesync® will never touch your local/native contacts in your iphone.
☆ CONNECT TO NEARBY FRIENDS: Met someone important at the bar? conference? or just anywhere? Hoiio Live allows you to connect with nearby friends.
☆ SMART DUPLICATE DETECTION: Hoiio Live accurately detects duplicate contacts in your phonebook and offers to merge them for you.You won't have to waste your time browsing through and cleaning up your contacts one by one.
☆ BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED CARDS: Hoiio Live has a range of beautiful name cards to express who you are to your connections.

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