Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sync your running pace with your workout music using the PaceDJ Running App!

PaceDJ Running App

The PaceDJ Running App allows you to run, walk or cycle in sync with the workout music you love saved on your phone's SD card. Visit to find workout songs that match your target running pace, walking pace, or cycling pace.

PaceDJ Running App determines the BPM (tempo) of each song saved on your phone's SD card, allows you to set your target exercise pace, and creates customized pacing mixes for running, walking, or cycling.
You can synchronize your steps with the song’s tempo, a powerful source of motivation.

PaceDJ supports Android v2.2 and up.

1) 7/17/11: 5/5 stars
2) (PC Magazine) 7/15/11: "The interface is intuitive, so it's a snap to prioritize songs in mixes according to user preference..."
3) (7/13/11): "This little utility helps users build workout playlists that will keep their workouts in high gear."
4) Oxygen Women's Fitness(9/8/11): "By running to the beat you keep up your pace as well as your motivation! Pretty cool, right?"

1. During setup, PaceDJ Running App helps you figure out your approximate target pace, which you can then modify as you need.
2. If you don't know what BPM to choose, tap "Measure your Pace." PaceDJ Running App will determine your BPM. Afterwards, upload your BPM to to find workout music to match.
3. PaceDJ Running App personalizes mixes based upon your song preferences.
4. PaceDJ Running App allows you to include songs at half the tempo and twice the tempo of your target exercise pace, expanding the number of songs that PaceDJ Running App can choose from and increasing the variety of the mixes PaceDJ Running App creates for you.
5. Multitasking: You can use PaceDJ Running App while also using a separate workout app.
6. BPM Detection: PaceDJ Running App obtains BPM values for your songs from The Echonest (, a database with approximately 30 million songs and 1.5 million artists.
7. Easy BPM Correction: Sometimes you may have songs that are not in The Echonest database, or simply an incorrect BPM marking may be associated with a song. This can be due to a mismatch of song titles in your library versus what is in The Echonest. To update a song’s BPM, PaceDJ Running App provides an easy-to-use screen, where you simply tap on an image of a drum to correct a song’s BPM.

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