Thursday, May 31, 2012



Android-app for one of the best GTD online services
Smthngs is the best way to add, organize and share your tasks in your Android smartphone. It based on classical Getting Things Done (GTD) methods, which were improved and rethought.
• It has a simple and understandable interface, that works perfectly even for users, that have never heard anything about GTD.
• Smthngs works both in online and offline modes. When Internet is on, all your tasks and data are stored in remote servers, in «the cloud». When connection aborts, data is stored locally (it will transfer automatically when connection regains).
• You can be registered in an app.
• You may share your tasks with your friends or collaborates — they can get to business in a few clicks. This option is coming soon.
• We improve that app every day and every night.

Smthngs has a lot of other possibilities and advantages — just try it. Thumbs up and rock'n'roll!
There are still some features available in web version which are not yet implemented in Android version:
• Edit task's tags
• Edit Start and Due reminders
• Edit geolocations
• Sharing
We're actively working to bring theese features to Android.

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