Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker for Android™ using your MP3's and more!

Make unlimited free ringtones with the music on your Android™ device with our Ringtone Maker! Advanced ringtone making options included! Based on technology from our award-winning web service (, you’ll choose from both popular edits generated by users online and options to “drag’n’drop” fine-tuned editing controls for making your own ringtones in just seconds!

1. Create unlimited ringtones, custom lengths... up to 40-seconds!
2. Make "text tones" of 6 seconds or less, using our same App!
3. Supports popular audio-formats (MP3, M4A)
4. Fine-tuning buttons (+/-)
5. Suggested ringtone entry points from our website
6. Ringtones may also be used for alarm clocks & contacts
7. Installs ringtones automatically!

To make a ringtone: 
1) Open the 'Ringtone Maker' App.
 2) Choose a song from your device’s ‘Music’ Library. 
3) Use the ‘slider control’ and ‘fine-tuning buttons’ to create the ringtone of your liking! 

Instant previewing and unlimited, high-quality ringtone conversions are built-in.

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