Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chalk Ball

Chalk Ball Lite

Draw lines, hit others and don't let your ball fall.

A new concept of bouncing game. Use your finger to draw with chalk, but be careful, it will not last for long. Make your ball hit other ones to recover chalk and don't let it fall. Easy to learn, hard to master!

Chalk ball has two different game modes, adventures and survival.

In Adventure there are lots of exciting scenarios with different characteristics, you travel to find and hit the star. Start with The easy way or follow Nautilus in Two leagues under the sea.

Get the pro version for more adventures and new balls:
1. Chasing Badball
2. Geometry Abduction
3. Small Strokes
4. Zero-G

In Survival you "just" have to survive while balls keep appearing. Don't let our ball drop and keep collecting points as long as you can. 

There are four levels of difficulty from easy to insane and lots of achievements to unlock.
Do you have ninja reflex? 

Can you make enough points to become a Jedi Knight? 

What about managing a swarm of balls? 

Who will be the first to become a Pill Master?

See your global ranking or just compete with your friends using ScoreLoop or Open Feint.

Inspired in all time classics like pong, break the blocks and pinball. Designed for today touch devices.

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