Monday, May 28, 2012

Advanced Bill Splitter - Split your bills! The free and easy way :)

Split your bills! The free and easy way :) You'll NEVER regret downloading this!

Advanced Bill Splitter

Very useful when you go out with your friends and don't want to calculate the bills using a calculator, you can just pass around the phone for people to choose the items they ate/bought/shared.

Other than bill splitting you can use this application to do:
- Tax calculation (Percentage based)
- Discount calculation (Percentage based)

Basic functionailities
- Tips calculation
- Tax calculation
- Items discounts
- Equal bill splitting
- Unequal bill splitting (super sleek! the best out there)
- SMS overall bill
- Local currencies support *NEW*
- Edit items (long-press an item to edit) *NEW*

If there are any errors please email me before posting a review I will try my best to fix it.
Before adding a review please consider this, if you don't want to name an item or a person just leave it blank. if you just want to split equally just add the whole amount as an item. These kind of things are meant to be self discovery humans are clever beings please give ample time to test out the app before reviewing. Any bugs please email and give a grace period of 5 days for a fix before reviewing. Thank you.
Feedbacks, comments, errors and suggestions can be emailed to
If you would like to help translate this app to support other languages email me as well! Thanks all and enjoy!

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