Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The world's first charging-based, sports app "PLUG-IN Championship" by Toyota

PLUG-IN Championship

"PLUG-IN Championship" uses recharging of the smartphone as the main game controller, to bring to life the "Fun to charge" concept of the new hybrid vehicle with rechargeable battery Prius PHV.

“PLUG-IN Championship” takes the plug-in action where smartphone users connects their device to the recharger, and turns it into a sport.

“Players” will compete with each other by accuracy of the timing of the “plug-in” action and win scores for each play.

When a smartphone is “plugged in”, the app reacts with playing an exhilarating video to add more sparks to the game.

“PLUG-IN Championship” will transform the recharging action into something more proactive and fun!

Features of “PLUG-IN Championship”
・The world's first iPhone & Android app which uses the "plug-in" action as part of the game play
・When smartphone is plugged in with a charger while app is activated, users will be rewarded with a refreshing movie clip to boost up the experience.
・Movie clips will vary based on the score won, time, and location of the plug-in.
・Accuracy of the timing of the plug-in is converted to a score and players will compete in the world championship.

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