Friday, October 19, 2012

Get Windows Phone 8 Lock & Start Screen On Android With LauncherWP8

WP8 Desktop

Desktop software on a Windows Phone 8 style

Of WP8 Desktop (LauncherWP8) specifically for the Android system to launch a Windows Phone 8 style desktop software, you can add a variety of styles porcelain block grid in eight different sizes, different colors, 8 different themes, customize your fully personalized the start screen.

Main functions:
- You can add different size porcelain block grid;
- 8 different colors can be added ceramic block grid;
- Can be set to a different color theme;
- Support setting hidden does not show some of the program;
- Add support for desktop widgets to porcelain block;
- Support Android system wallpaper / background set;
- Support for free drag placing porcelain block grid;
- Support to select the icon images from the SD card;
- Comes with a number of application icons and pictures;
- Comes with a special time module ceramic block grid;
- Comes with Windows Phone 8 style lock screen;
- If you have other questions, please add QQ group 259868359 additive group, please specify: WP8 desktop, pro, etc.

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