Saturday, October 6, 2012

Official AOL On App For Android Now Available


Watch what's On.

The AOL On App is designed for you to easily discover and view the latest and most premium web videos. Our AOL On newsroom is constantly updating the site in real time to feature the most popular entertainment videos, breaking news and trending topics online, making it easier to sort through all of the news of the web to find entertaining, informative and relevant videos to watch on your phone or tablet.

Key Features:
• Watch all of the most current videos on the web in a beautiful experience
• Find videos from breaking news to the latest TV clips
• Get access to 14 channels with videos ranging from Style to Tech
• Share your favorite videos with your friends easily
• Watch originals from AOL like the award-winning Home of the Brave or the laugh-out-loud funny Fetching
• Find all the top videos from around the web programmed and edited for easy viewing

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