Monday, July 23, 2012

WebSnap essentially lets you take a snapshot of any web page or part of a page and display it on your Android home screen with a refresh interval of your choice.


This can come really handy for any news or sports story you are following, an online cam feed enjoy glancing at every now and then, or just about any piece of info from the interwebz that you want to keep an eye on.

(Haroon Q. Raja - XDA Developers)

Main functions:
- Clip webpage regions and create HomeScreen widgets as Web Widget. The clipped regions are auto-updated so the information is keep updating for you without opening Browser.
- Share widget snapshot to Facebook, Twitter, Email, Cloud...
- Capture whole webpage as a high quality picture
- Capture a selected region on a webpage, eliminate unnecessary regions.
- Support capture webpage with zoom for very high resolution snapshot.
- Manage your snapshots and sharing snapshots.

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