Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tired of accidentally leaving your WiFi running all day and wearing down your device's battery?


Tired of being home for hours and forgetting to turn on your WiFi? Sentry can help!

Sentry is a fully automated WiFi manager that only requires a simple configuration to start. It packs many features into a simple-to-use application so you don't have to waste any time on setup.

Sentry operates by cycling your WiFi. If it gets a connection or was already turned-on and connected, it remains on, otherwise, it turns the WiFi off to save battery.

Even if Sentry is activated you can still manually connect to WiFi or turn your WiFi without interrupting.
Sentry can be configured to run in any or all of three ways.

First, Sentry can be configured to run on a polling interval, e.g. 30 minutes, and check the WiFi status periodically.

Second, Sentry can set to check WiFi status every time the screen is unlocked.**

Last, Sentry can be set to run every time the phone boots up. Used in conjunction with the other two functions, this can either be used to make sure Sentry is always running or to simply check for WiFi every time the phone reboots.

Does Sentry running in the background use up my battery life? Nope! Not one bit! Sentry is actually only ever truly running when it's cycling the WiFi, which depending on the timeout you set, shouldn't be for much more than a minute, so no, it shouldn't negatively affect your battery life.

If you find this app useful, please consider buying the 99 cent adfree version. I chose not to remove or hide any features in this version because I think everyone should have the full experience and be able to try a product without spending any money on it. However, if you like the app, I'll hope you'll consider spending a buck. It really encourages me to actively maintain the app.

Permissions: Sentry requires five permissions.
1) ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: Used to check if WiFi is on/off
2) INTERNET: Will eventually be used for ads in settings page
3) CHANGE_WIFI_STATE: Used to cycle WiFi
4) RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Used to restart Sentry on reboot
5) ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Used to check if WiFi is connected

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