Monday, July 9, 2012

Find out which Movie is worth watching on Indian Television during a selected period.

Hit Films on TV

Movies are listed along with their ratings. The highest rated movies are shown on the top of the list; so, most of the times, you would not even need to scroll down to pick a good movie to watch on TV.

Here are few of the other features:
* Shows Movie Name, Release Year, Language, Rating, Genre, Channel, and Timing for most of the entries.
* Over 50 popular pre-selected movie channels from different Indian languages.
* Low data download, no graphics.
* Option to refresh data manually or automatically.
* Shows data for the previous week too for the benefit of those who have access to recordings.
* Works well even in offline mode.
* See movie details on the Internet with a single click
* Ability to set reminders.
* Supported by Ads.

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