Monday, April 30, 2012

SMS Flash

SMS Flash

Instant SMS notification without stealing focus! Specially built for gamers.

SMS Flash is a simple application that displays incoming SMS as soon as they are received, in a non interactive way. Unlike SMS popup, you can touch through the displayed SMS and continue interaction with the screen. So you do not need to stop what you were doing to read the SMS.Its very handy when you are playing Games, watching movie, recording video, taking pictures, browsing etc.

No Ads, No Internet Permission and open source app.

SMS is formatted and notified as a transparent view on the fly, you can set the number of seconds the SMS has to be displayed and you can use Proximity sensor to 

1. Dismiss SMS Flash on first touch of Proximity sensor

2. Extend the display time when you need more to finish reading by touching and holding

3. Go to reply box when Proximity sensor is touched twice.(####Should be explicitly enabled using Advanced Preferences -> Trigger Reply Panel####)

Tip :
$ Reply feature works best(shows chat thread) with Go SMS Pro or Handscent installed as default SMS app.
You can create a blacklist to make sure SMS from particular contact numbers are not displayed on the fly. You can set it as white list so that SMS from only these numbers are shown by SMS Flash.

#Attention :

1. Developed and tested on Samsung Galaxy S II, phones with less processing power might make the SMS Flash blink.

2. ##GALAXY NOTE## and few other tablets might not send the touch events through SMS Flash to the underneath application.

Fix can be expected in next update.
What SMS Flash is #NOT#:
% It's not replacement of your default SMS app.
% It shows SMS on the fly ONLY when screen is on, it doesn't even wake the system when screen is off.
% It doesn't remove the notifications from notification bar unless reply is triggered.

Following attributes are configurable :
* Enable or disable SMS Flash (Optional password can be set)
* Text color and transparency
* Background color and transparency
* Contact Image transparency
* Show only Name and Contact Image or Name and Text or just Name
* Duration to display SMS
* Position to display SMS
* Whether or not you want to use proximity sensor features
* Whether or not you want to use proximity sensor to dismiss SMS Flash and ignore that SMS
* Whether or not you want to use proximity sensor to extend display duration on the fly when reading long SMS's
* Whether or not you want to trigger reply box when you double touch Proximity sensor
* Whether or not you want to trigger reply box at the end of extended display when you are close to proximity sensor
* Black listing/white listing specific numbers. 

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