Tuesday, April 24, 2012



All internet radio.
Removes radio adverts.
Saves the songs.
Free Internet Radio.
Save music from internet radio
The PopBot allows music lovers to do what they enjoy most - listen to continuous music without talk and commercials.
The app connects to any internet radio station and records all the songs. Then the songs are your to listen to. No advertising, no talk!

PopBot is both an internet radio player and a way to save music.
* A state of the art internet radio – Thousands of local and international radio stations.
* Saves the songs from the radio stations as mp3 – Clean songs are saved!
Start by selecting from thousands of radio stations from all over the world. A cool radio breeze from California’s beaches can be a great way to start your day. 
When you have selected your radio station, PopBot will work as an intelligent robot in the background. If you have PopBot turned on, you will normally get music within one day.
PopBot will listen to the radio station that you selected and save songs from it. Commercials, jingles, and DJ talk will be removed. Only nice’n clean music will be saved.
If the same song is played many times, PopBot will figure out wich version is the best and keep only this song.
Battery and 3G data
PopBot is setup to minimize the consumption of battery power and 3G data. The normal setting is to only run in the background when you are both connected to wifi AND has plugged in the battery charger. This means that for most people, PopBot will save songs when they go to sleep. In the morning there will be new music or good oldies in your phone.
This can of course be changed in the PopBot settings.
* WiFi/3G: Search for songs in the background on WiFi only, or using both WiFi and 3G networks. 
* Battery/Charger: Select to only stream the internet radio when you are connected to the battery charger, or also when you run on battery.
To make sure you do not run out of battery, PopCatcher is set by default to run when muted when you are connected to your battery charger and to not use the 3G network if it is silent.
Rough cut songs, or wait…
PopBot will first analyze the radio station before it starts to save songs. Normally, PopBot starts saving the most popular music from your selected radio station within a day. The more you are tuned in to that station the less popular music will be saved.
There is a way to quick start in the settings called Rough Cut. This means that PopBot starts to save music directly, in just a few minutes. However, this might not work, and it might also save some songs with bad beginnings and ends.
Time to save songs
PopBot listens to the radio and analyzes this audio for music. If the radio station play similar songs all the time like normally a Top 40 music radio do, songs will start to be saved within 24 hours. However, some radio stations play more diverse music and then PopBot needs more time to analyze the audio from that station. It is not rare for PopBot to save songs first after 2 days.

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