Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Turn your Android into a Facebook Walkie-Talkie.

GroupVox - PTT for Facebook

GroupVox is a light and simple walkie-talkie app which makes Facebook group conversations possible! GroupVox supports tête-à-tête voice conversations, group chats and Push-to-Talk with existing Facebook groups and events.
What makes GroupVox your go-to PTT app?
- GroupVox adds up to your existing Facebook ecosystem
- Free live voice communication with your Facebook friends over any data network or WiFi
- Live voice chat with members of a Facebook Group or Facebook Event attendees
- Never miss a message: even when you're not available for a live chat, you may listen to all the messages later
- Record voice messages even when you're offline
- Don't feel like talking? Send a text message, to a friend or to a group
- Cross-platform

Wanna get in touch with GroupVox team?
- Like GroupVox on Facebook: facebook.com/GroupVox
- Follow GroupVox on Twitter: twitter.com/GroupVox

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