Thursday, January 31, 2013

Discover Fun Places Recommended By Friends With Scoopt


Never leave home again without your favourite people’s favourite places in your pocket.

When you’re looking for a new restaurant, the best place to shop, or even just a nice quiet park, you just want to find the right place fast, at home or abroad, Scoopt unlocks the unknown by helping close friends share the places they love, trust and recommend.

Your expert foodie friends, on hand with some brilliant local lunch ideas - your most stylish friends, on hand with the inside knowledge on local shops - instant inspiration about a city’s best-kept urban secrets, from your best-informed friends - that’s Scoopt.

★ Scoopt is free and there are no advertisers on Scoopt
★ Scoopt is designed for close friends because they know what you really like
★ Trust a close friend in a category like eat, drink, or shop, you also get recommendations from your friend’s trusted friends in the same categories
★ Scoopt works with Instagram so every recommendation looks like a magazine shoot!
★ Scoopt works with Facebook so you can share your local discoveries with everyone

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