Friday, March 1, 2013

Too Good To Be True? Paul For Android Promises Video Without Buffering On The Go

PAUL the app

Get personalized videos and music anywhere, anytime, anyplace - free of delays and interruption! With PAUL, you will get video and music feeds from six popular apps – ESPN ScoreCenter, CNN, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and And No More Annoying Buffering.

Named for the octopus that predicted the 2010 World Cup winner, PAUL the app's "psychic" energy is derived from powerful machine learning algorithms. To get you the videos and music you WANT, PAUL learns your preferences and creates your personalized profile. PAUL will preload the videos and songs you want BEFORE you want them, so there are no delays when you want to view them. Plus, PAUL does all the work over WiFi only, incurring no data charges.

PAUL’s technology allows you to view the videos within their native apps, with the PAUL app, or through one of PAUL’s convenient widgets. Whether you’re a news junkie or sports addict, Paul is the only mobile video service that supports playback and offline consumption - watch videos on a flight, or on a road trip when you have no coverage. Plus, PAUL regularly refreshes your video and music feeds so you can stay up to date.

PAUL solves the problems in mobile video viewing with speed, personalization and new ways to discover must-watch videos. PAUL will “charge” your phone with your preferred content from ESPN, CNN, YouTube and your social networks.
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