Tuesday, February 12, 2013

onDeck: Easy Multitasking With Android Apps, Notes, Toggles & More

onDeck Free

onDeck is a quick access overlay - designed to allow you to open any program, note, or toggle at any time. You can access onDeck inside any app without having to close or leave your current app!
[✔] Select and hold the Deck to reveal the overlay. Without lifting your finger in Quick Deck, slide to a blank circle and release. A menu will open allowing you to select the program.
[✔] To edit a circle, long hold on the circle until it turns red. A menu will open with edit options.
[✔] De-Clutter your home screens
[✔] Tablet Compatible
[✔] Set your own Transparency and Colors
[✔] Move an assigned circle to any position
☆ PRO VERSION IS AVAILABLE for only $1.99 - No Add-On Fees! ☆
Pro Version onDeck includes:
[✔] Backup and Restore are enabled
[✔] Multiple Decks - All 6 Decks can be enabled

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