Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Create and share personalized infographics based on the numbers in your life

Numbeez: Personal Infographics

Create and share personalized infographics based on the numbers in your life.

Numbeez offers you an easy and fun way to track and share the interesting numbers in your life, while creating cool infographics to tell your story.

Numbers are everywhere - it could be your morning runs, your favorite sports team, the number of cups of coffee you had today or the fantastic restaurant you had dinner at with your date.

What's great about numbers is that when you track them over time they tell a story, and Numbeez gives you a great tool to create those stories, find interesting stories to follow and share them.

Creating new stories is very simple:
- Name your story
- Decide what you want to measure or what you are tracking
- Add a cool picture

Adding a new number to your stories is even simpler:
- Choose a story
- Type the number
- If you want, you can add a picture or comment
- You are done! Now you can share your new and cool number with your friends on Facebook.

It's also easy to look for interesting stories to start tracking - check out the explore tab (red magnifying glass on the top right hand of your screen).

A note on privacy:
Numbeez fully respects your private and personal information, and to help you keep track of the private stories in your life we've created the "private story" option, which means you are the only one who would see the numbers of that story.

This is only the first version of Numbeez and there are many more cool and fun features coming soon:
- In a couple of months we'll release a feature that will help you to track any number from anywhere on the web (perfect for tracking your favorite sport players and teams, weather, stocks, rankings and prices)
- In the next version you'll be able to invite friends to add numbers to your story and create truly "social content" (great for comparing sport achievement, rankings of restaurants and other venues and anything you enjoy doing with your friends)

Here are only a few ideas of stories you can create and track on Numbeez:
- Your sports activity (run\cycling time\distances)
- The time it takes you to get to work / back home
- Your diet
- How many cups of coffee / pieces of chocolate you had today
- Your kid's growth
- Even your business achievements (closed deals, sales, open tickets, etc).
- So basically, anything you can measure…

Enjoy your numbers!

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